the romans are coming!

I mean, they’re already here. And I’m going to see them.

Tomorrow, as a birthday treat, my sister is taking me to the Seattle Art Museum to see the Roman Art exhibit on loan from the Louvre. It’s only there until May 11th, and if we go this weekend, we can see the brass Gates to Paradise, before they leave on April 6th.

I’m a little miffed that the museum won’t allow cameras, so I’ll have to stare for hours until this art is burned into my retinas, then purchase photos in the gift shop and come back here to go on and on and on about the beautiful statues 🙂

I has a happy!

2 thoughts on “the romans are coming!

  1. Oh have a wonderful time!!! I was so bummed when we went to see the Titanic exhibit and couldn’t take pictures. The worst part is that they were supposed to have postcards for sale with *their* photos of the exhibit, but they didn’t. Grr.

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