back to the rock pile

I’m sure you’re all just fascinated by this, but there are other blogs to read if you’re bored!

I’ve come to the conclusion that my first test run doth sucketh. It’s the keyboard I’ve chosen there, that monstrosity of an MS natural keyboard. It’s looking too  . . . What’s the word? 


So like many brilliant ideas, this one needs to percolate more. I’m going to try using a standard black keyboard, something normal size/shape. Something with less plastic to distract from the look. I’m determined to make this work the way it has in my head!  Especially now, when I’m so close to making it right. I’ve got the cutting down pat, I’ve found an adhesive that seems to work, and I’m getting the hang of what stones will work and what won’t.

And by God, I’m gonna have a line of Stoneage keyboards for sale by this summer! (for those of you keeping score, that’s what you might call a famous last words line) But dammit, Gumby, I’m all set to start up a line of Primeval Technology, and I won’t be happy till I do!

I need my wooby.

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