Have I mentioned how I can obsess?

I can obsess. Over the stupidest things, like how this blog looks.  One template is wider, but has no banner. Another has space for a banner, but keeps doing stupid tiling things. Another has great width, nice colors, no banner.

GGGAAAAHHH!!!  Okay, I’m going to keep playing all day – till I either get this right or faint trying.  As much as I love the black, can you really see yourselves reading a huge LONG post in this color?avatar_2961.gif

22 thoughts on “Sheesh

  1. I’m not finding this hard to read at all and I love the look. For starters, the background’s not black. It’s charcoal. It’s also has the appearance of a matte finish, rather than a bright, glossy finish. These two things mean the contrast between the white text and the black background isn’t has harsh as it sometimes seems to be with a bright black background. If you were using an unusual color text, it might be worse, but I did not have to make an effort to read the text. No eye strain.

    As for width, this is wider than the one you had up this morning. This morning, the unused portion of the template was using about 1/3 of the screen. This layout is only allowing 1/4 to go unused.

  2. That must be what it is – I’ve had real trouble reading white on black, but you’re right, this one doesn’t really have a black finish, and it’s less harsh, not shiny.

    Okay, I think I like this (for now!) It’s wider than the other one by a few more words on average. If it proves too difficult to read Friday posts, I can change it then 🙂

    And Mary, don’t let my freaking out worry you – I’m happy to obsess over your blog until IT is perfect, too 😀

  3. Where I’m noticing the difference in contrast on my eyes is when I switch back and forth from your blog to mine. I can feel my eyes shift their focus when I do that.

  4. Yeah, save some of that freaking out for the weekend. Cause I’m gonna be totally helpless. You have my email right?

  5. No, well – maybe, but to be sure, send it me: Kristine (at) wavecable (dot)com You can have me all Sunday if you like, I’ll putz and fuss while my Seahawks whup the Philidelphia Eagles!

    I can also make you a purdy banner – but Pete makes prettier ones.

  6. Sunday it is. That will be fine since my Cowboys shall be celebrating 11-1 and I can just have the TV in the background. Should I go ahead and create my Blogger account just to have it? I’m such a goober.

  7. Okay, thingamablog was taken by some guy who hasn’t posted in six years. Sigh. But I’ve gotten thingymablog. Hooray. Thanks for giving me the confidence to do this, Muse. Although you may sson be slapping yourself upside the head. 😀

  8. Mary, when you’re set up and figurin’ out your template and everything, you and Kristine let me know, if you want to. I’ll happily make you a banner. I seem to be on banner-making duty this week. 🙂

  9. Do it, Mary, before changes his mind! My banners are all on black backgrounds and I pick horrid Fonts. Pete makes ’em purdy-like. And he can get a white background on his *stomps feet and pouts*

  10. Yay! I’ve got the first post written at home. It’s ready to go (after I’ve given it the obsessive once more over.)

    And thanks, Pete. I’ll take you up on that. Wow. My very own banner.

    Thank, Lori. So am I a real cyberperson now that I’ve got a blog? And if I’m a cyberperson, will the Daleks come to destroy me?

  11. *stares*

    What the hell are you obsessing about? It looks fine. You look good in black and charcoal. The banner does not make you look fat. And that font definately goes with your purse.

    (whew! I knew those skills would come in handy one day.)

  12. Hmmm. I think I was being condescending and arrogant here too, though slightly nicer but still far less nice than I ought to have been. I apologize for that, and promise to watch myself better in the future and not be that stupid again.

    If you like you can nuke my comment. It wasn’t helpful at all.

    I still like the layout and the colors.

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