Yo-ho, Yo-ho, a Pirate’s Life for Me

The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down

Of the big write they called ‘Tea Debacle’

The write, it is said, never gives up her dead

When the days of November end early

With a load of word counts many thousand times more

Than the Great Tea Debacle weighed empty.

That good book and true was a bone to be chewed

When the Teas of November came early.

The tea was the pride of Castle Debacle side

Coming back from some blog in Wisconsin

As the big contests go, it was bigger than most

With a crew and three captains well seasoned

Concluding some words with a bunch of plot turns

When they left fully writing till winter.

And later that night when the ship’s bell rang

Could it be the new breeze they’d been teasin’?

The words in the wires made a tattle-tale sound

And the graph she broke over the railing

And every one knew, as the captains did too,

T’was the witch of Debacle come stealin’.

The dawn came late and The End had to wait

When the Castle Debacle came slashin’.

When December came they were bloggin’ in rain

In the face of the befuddled crewmen.

When January came, the old cook came on deck sayin’.

Fellas, it’s too rough to plug in.

At the dawn of New Year a main hatchway caved in, he said

Fellas, it’s been good t’read ya

The captains wired in they had writers come in

And the good ship and crew was in peril.

And later that night with PC lights outta sight

Came the wreck of the Good SS Penman.

Does any one know where the love of Plot goes

When the PC’s turn pages to labor?

The readers all say they’d have made Shipwreck Bay

If they’d fifty more pages behind her.

They might just cramp up or they might write it down;

May end up tearing paper to pieces.

And all that remains are the words and the names

Of the novels and plots and teas steeping.

The Debacle rolls, and the good writer sings

In the rooms of her hand-written mansion.

Old Castle she steeps like a young man’s tea dreams;

The PCs are keyboards for sportsmen.

And farther below our new Castle you’ll know

Takes in what the word counts will send her,

And the roller balls go as the writers all know

With the Teas of November remembered.

In a musty old hall Castle minions they prayed,

In the Penmanship Writer’s new Castle.

The church bell chimed and rang out word-count lines

For each man on the good SS Penman.

The legend lives on from the Debacle on down

Of the big ship they call ‘SS Penman’.

The Debacle, they said, never gives up her dead

When the Teas of November come early!

13 thoughts on “Yo-ho, Yo-ho, a Pirate’s Life for Me

  1. God, but that was cool to read aloud. And whate’er became of the good ship Penman, I wonder. Perhaps you can still hear it, late at night, when the wind blows from the sea…

  2. In fair WordPress city

    Where the blogs are so pretty

    I first set my eyes on the blog of the Muse

    As she methodically dispersed

    Her rewrites of rhymed verse

    With a clever new twists on the ditty.

    Crying “The Great Tea Debacle is

    Alive, alive-o!”

    Alive, alive-o-O!
    Alive, alive-o-O!
    The Great Tea Debacle is
    Alive, alive-o!

    We all felt her fever

    But no one believed her

    When she said we would be speaking

    In verse very soon.

    But Lori blogged iambic

    And Pete posted comics

    Soon I was rhyming and blogging now too.

    Alive, alive-o-O!
    Alive, alive-o-O!
    The Great Tea Debacle is
    Alive, alive-o!

  3. Blame Muse for inspiring my silliness. I’m afraid my blog shall be nonsensical, but since I often am, it will be just as well. Thanks Lori, you make me feel better about blogging.

  4. Muse and I blame most things on Pete. We can add your silliness to the list if you’d like? Not that I think silliness is blame-worthy. The world would be a better place with more laughter and self-amusement.

  5. Hail, Hail the Absurd, I say 😀 I’m totally stoked about setting your blog up, let’s do it this weekend! Or, well, as soon as you give me options for a name, I can get it up and we can fuss with it next week.

    A’bloggin’ we will go, a’bloggin’ we will go . . Hi-Ho the something something, a’bloggin’ we will go. And we’ll blame Pete for any oddness.

  6. Okay, so you all have to help me name the baby blog. I think he has my eyes, but I’m stumped as to what I should name him.

    I keep coming up with lame ideas. Everytime I think of something good, I look and some goober has a blog up that he hasn’t posted in for the last six years with MY BABY’S NAME.



  7. I like “Thingamablog” with an “a” instead of “y”

    But either way, I think both titles are cool.

    It’s funny that they blame me, ME the innocent bystander, for example, who was sucked against his will into the Tea Debacle which he was in no way a part of instigating. Sigh.

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