I’m in love!

So my sister takes me out pen shopping on Saturday, right after the pair of us went to a rock show and spent loads on slabs – but that’s another story. Anyhoodle, after buying slabs, we went for coffee and a snack so I wouldn’t have low blood sugar and do one of my famous flip-outs when I get low blood sugar, wherein I get tired, grumpy, angry, toss a fit and go home empty handed.

<> So after Starbucks,  we head to Staples, only to find they have no  good pens that you can try before you buy.  So we leave there and drive to Office Depot (no, our town has no fun stationary pen store)  Well they had lovely pens and when I asked to try some out, the nice lady brought us a pad of paper, unlocked the case, and we had at it !

Boy did we have at it. I tried them all.  Thin ones, thick ones, rollers, gels, everything they had.  I knwe the pen had to be thick, but I was finding some of them hard to hold. The thin ones were right out. But there was this one that was perfect – thick barrel, but also thick at the end, where my fingers held on – and that made all the difference in the world !  Suddenly I could relax my hand and watch the pen flow over the paper.

It’s a roller ball, too, so that helped.  And it’s lovely.  In fact, there it is:


Ain’t she purdy?  I’m going to practice with it in December. Lori calls it George.  Then, in January, I’m going to put it to GOOD use.

You’ll all see soon enough.

Soon enough, my pretties 😀

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