Testing 1 2 3

Yes, this is a test post, and since Blogger isn’t working right today, I’m using this to post my handwriting sample. I hope. If I can do this right.

 So lemme see . . . this would be a sample of my handwriting when I’m trying very hard to be legible. Below that is my sister’s writing (yes, I went blank on how to spell whether and she merely followed what I wrote) but she wasn’t even trying. She was half asleep on the couch, watching TV thinking about going to bed, and I shoved this notebook under her nose and told her to write what I wrote – then quickly explained why.

 When she DOES try, it’s friggin’ gorgeous.  I hate her.


5 thoughts on “Testing 1 2 3

  1. Your handwriting isn’t really all that bad. But! The one advantage she has, over you, is that hers takes up less space. I think that’s key, partially for the morale boost — or lack of morale detriment — you get when typing it up. If you write five lines of expansive text and then type it up and realize you have one average length sentence, it can be depressing. Tight handwriting is one of the biggest keys to my writing.

    The funny thing is the similarities between both your handwritings…

  2. I REALLY hope you do a long blog post about what you buy. Er. Because I’m a loser and fascinated by this stuff. Buy a fine-nibbed fountain pen! Remember that expensive does not equate to “good pen” very often! Um…take no wooden nickels! Okay, that’s all the advice I’ve got.

  3. I like this layout with the custom header option, but I do wish this center post column was a bit wider. Seems the templates have parts I like and parts I don’t, and not one I love all the parts of.

    But dang, the header does look spiffy!

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