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The Velvet Zebra


I’m gradually getting used to the idea that I can’t just phone my Mother, or drive the 5 miles to her house to have dinner. It’s not easy, there are […]

What it’s really like

Have you ever read an obituary and seen the phrase “She died at home, surrounded by family and those she loved”?  It sounds almost comforting, doesn’t it? Like a desirable […]

Dear Prudence;

I write to you with news of the most peculiar kind. This day finds me again on the path that will return me to you, and I proceed with haste, […]

Dear Prudence

I take this moment of pause and reflection and avail upon it a chance to send you news of my duel. As you recall, on that day whence I was […]

Dear Prudence

I beg thee pardon for my extended absence, but I fear my return will be further delayed, although I expect not too tally much longer. You see, upon my journey […]

Mmmm Chocolate

The paint samples say Tender Twig and Wooden Wagon, but they’re really Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate, if you ask me. My new house colors. When it gets painted, that […]

They’re everywhere!

When I was little, really little, my oldest sister had to get glasses. Her eyesight was so bad, she couldn’t see more than a foot in front of her. For […]

Noblesse oblige

That was my weekend. Saturday was a wedding, Sunday a funeral. Saturday was one of those days where you’re forced by polite society and good manners to do something you’d […]

Well that settles it

I was waiting for Volkswagen to reveal the new Beetle design, to see if I’d want to trade in my 2002 for something shiny and new.  I was on the […]

What the Frak?!

It is April, right?  Around here the temperature should be in the upper 50’s, low 60’s, with the occasional spurt of sunshine among the cloudy, raining days. Yesterday, it SNOWED! […]

April Fool’s Day

Yep, it’s my birthday, and in keeping with tradition, I’m taking the day off work! I’ll be sleeping in, then spending the day on the couch  with the PS3 on, […]

She’s gonna blow!

OMG I was so bored and lonely today I could have screamed! I know that sounds lame, but with my sister back to work starting today (hooray!) and the boss […]


YAY, Baby!  She got the job! Booya! Starts on Monday. MONDAY!! She’s got a job . . . One week after her emergency extension unemployment benefits ended.  7 days after […]