The Beauty of Chainmaille

Sometimes even the most seasoned Mailler will sit down and experiment. You may find yourself with only a handful of rings in odd sizes, unsure what you can make with the selection you have but still feeling the urge to work some rings together. So you’ll start tp putz around, play with patterns you know even though those patterns don’t work with the sizes you have in front of you.

Sometimes you end up giving up, because what you are playing with simply cannot DO what you want it to. But sometimes what you do make, will inspire you to turn it into something interesting. That is how we made our Jellyfish, by making a flower in all the wrong sizes, but realizing if we turned it upside down we could exaggerate the cone, add a top and some tendrils and viola, jellyfish!

We do not claim to have created this pattern, we just didn’t realize we were making something that would end up being so pretty. And that’s the beauty of Chainmaille.

This new design and others are now available in our store TheVelvetZebra or shop right here from the Store tab.

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