Accidents Happen

imageThese little guys are the result of experimenting with Aspect Ratio, which is what determines which rings you can use for certain patterns.  Some sizes and thickness are completely unsuitable for some patterns, but we still like to play.  One day we were trying to make a Helm flower using completely incompatible rings just to see what would happen.  The result was a bowed cone instead of a flat flower, and as we studied this bowed cone we couldn’t help but imagine it as a Jellyfish.  So we whipped up some European 4-in-1 in an increasing pattern around a center ring, draped it over the bowed cone, and a Jellyfish was born!  All it needed were Jelly-tendrils and a little chain in the center for hanging.  This school happens to adorn a little cubby decorated with some Kraken run, seashells, a pirate treasure chest and some gold coins, but they are equally adorable swimming from the rear view mirror of a car, over your desk or dresser, or just about anywhere they can chill and hang around.

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