The Leaves are Falling

The Leaves are Falling! Technically these “leaves” are called Scales, and they’re used to make Scalemaille – which is just what it sounds like, chainmaille with scales.   While it is generally used to enhance or decorate maille outfits, we also like to use it for jewelry, as in these necklaces (and the earrings we will post next week). In Black and Red, we created several of what we call Dragon Tails, hanging down from a necklace of Helm design. In Blue and Silver, we again hung different sizes of Scales from a Helm necklace.   In Pink and Silver, we went a different route and wove the scales in a Dragon Heart pattern, using a frosted silver scale against Pink and Frost rings. And finally in Red and Silver we hung a small section of scale armor from another Helm necklace. All of the rings and scales are Anodized Aluminum and all are now available in the shop:

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