We’re all mad here

We call this design Totally Loopy – it’s really just sections of Byzantine made with 18 gauge 3/16″ anodized aluminum rings between larger sizes of 16 gauge rings. They are all now available in the shop   https//squareup.com/store/the-velvet-zebra

2 thoughts on “We’re all mad here

  1. Would someone please call me? I bought a 20″ silver necklace for my daughter last weekend. I just mailed it today and I know she wil loveit!!

    I want to order her another 20″ necklace in Denver Nuggets colors, but I feel much more comfortable
    ordering from someone I can talk to.

    Please call me at your convenience. Thank you so much!

    Kathy Shawcroft

    1. Yes, I’m happy to call you tomorrow but I don’t have your number and please don’t post it here – you can reach us by email at: Admin@Thevelvetzebra.com. We looked up the Denver Nuggets colors and they appear to be Blue, Red and Yellow? If you are local to Kitsap County, we can make a necklace and meet you in a public place in Poulsbo or Port Orchard. You can decide if it’s to your liking before paying.

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