Tea, glorious Tea …

Another Northwest Tea Festival in the books, got stocked up for Winter – or at least Fall – with Sweet Licorice Mint, Chamomile Citrus, Earl Grey (a staple) Estate Blend Darjeeling, Cinnamon Orange, Apple Autumn Spice, Russian Caravan ( cannot live without it) Black Currant, Assam Satrupa, Wild Forest Black, Mango, Oolong (another staple) and for the first time, Chocolate Chai and Pumpkin Masala Chai.

I know, chocolat tea, right? Gives me shivvers. my sister was dying to try it, so she picked up sample bags of each.

Not so sure I’ll risk it, but when she brews that, I can counter with some Lapsang and smoke her out :). (A little Lapsang Humor there. Trust me, it’s funny. you should at least be chuckling now)

also, finally, met my friend The Great Peter Damien Tzinski (you should “oooh” now) and his lovely family – Wife Renee, two sons Zach and Nathan. I’m really hoping they had a nice time, even though I took them on a crazy tour of Seattle Crowds and Masses. Took them to the Pike Place Market, the singular spot that epitomizes Seattle. The kids were great in the madness, but I really hope they’ll be able to go back and have a nice adult- time spending the day there exploring all the book stores we barely had a chance to glance at.

And now, I must go watch the Seahawks trounce all over the Carolina Panthers, whilst making new chain maile designs with my new square rings.

you can applaud later, when I have something to show off πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Tea, glorious Tea …

  1. RE: chocolate tea

    I had the same thought about chocolate wine last holiday season, but it was actually quite good. I’ve recently given all my Lapsang Souchong away to two different households. I kept wanting to like it, but it will never be the tea I reach for first.

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