Oh Siri, I didn’t mean it !

Needless to say, I LURV my iPhone šŸ™‚ Just like I Lurv my iPad. Only my iPad didn’t come with SIRI.

Yes, yes, I know she’s not perfect. There’s a running gag on the radio: “Siri, tell my wife I’m leaving the gym.” “Texting your wife – You are sleeping with Jim.”

But if you keep to the basics, she’s very helpful. Only ….

My friend Pete likes to ask Siri strange questions, to see what she’ll say. I was all for that at first, when I discovered how to use her and how to ask things. But then I started reading the manual on the iPhone (yes, I’m an avid user’s manual reader). And it said that, over time, Siri will get to know you, your voice and how you speak, and the things you ask, and she’ll “grow and evolve”.

So that got me thinking, which is almost never a good thing, and I realized – I don’t want Siri to think I’m an ass.

When I play a video game, I never shoot the zebra. Or cow or dog or whatever else might be around in the scene. Sure, I’ll frag my teammates just to hear them scream, but I’ll never take aim on a pixelated pet. It’s ridiculous to a degree – it’s all fakebelieve, after all. Just a game. But deep down inside, not only does it go against my nature, I can’t shake the feeling the GAME itself will think poorly of me if I do it. That somewhere inside the machine I’m using is a moral compass, and I don’t wanna rock the boat.

Sure, fragging the teammates is fun. That doesn’t blip my radar.

and yes, I’m seeing the oxymoronicness there.

But still … while I can think of fun things I’d LIKE to say to Siri, I hesitate. I don’t want my iPhone thinking the worse of me. Like when you do something stupid and your cat looks at you and rolls his eyes. You know he’s thinking “Oh frabulous joy, my human is an ass.”


One thought on “Oh Siri, I didn’t mean it !

  1. I think that’s kind of funny, but…there are web-sites that list the ‘hilarious’ things people say to Siri, and when it’s actual jokes she responds to (“Where should I dump a body?” “What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?”) I find it funny. BUT some of them are just people swearing nastily at Siri…and I actually dislike those for precisely the same reason I ALSO never shoot animals in-game.

    So it’s funny, but I agree entirely. šŸ™‚

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