It’s really the shit

Last month, my sister and I went together and — without selling either of our cars — bought a used SUV.  It was really affordable, seeing as how we were splitting the payment and insurance right down the middle.  We’d grown weary of constantly borrowing our mother’s Jeep whenever we purchased something large or oddly shaped, and they’re predicting a very bad winter this year, and we were tired of getting our Beetle’s stuck in the alley, unable to mount the 3-foot high wall of snow the plows would block it with.  What’d we buy, you ask?  A 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe, jet black, with leather !

The holidays are coming up, and we’re vendors at a Christmas art fair in a couple of weeks – it’ll be great not having to take both cars loaded with our set up and inventory.

Oh, speaking of the holidays, did I mention – MY SISTER IS UNEMPLOYED AGAIN!

Happy Fucking Holiday Season.

Yeah. Ain’t that special?   She gets called in to her supervisor’s office Friday afternoon, and told that — while SHE ( the supervisor ) loves her work and her (my sister), and wouldn’t part with her for anything, the Bosses hired some new guy and got talked in to replacing her.

But the best part …  You wanna hear the best part?

“We don’t offer any severance here, but — while I know you have every reason not to, we’d really appreciate it if you could work the next two weeks, then leave.”

I know, I would have told them to go fuck themselves with earnest and a hockey stick, but she needs the positive referral and a letter of reference if she ever hopes to get another job.  So there she is, working this week and, well just part of next.  I figure at this point, it’s more a testament to her character that she can stay there another 7 days than any lingering sense of loyalty.

I will admit, it’s nice to have a “wife” at home, especially during the holiday season. This job she had made her work through lunch and never allowed for holidays off, so every holiday she had to work. She would have had Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day off, but she’s had to work all the others, and that pissed me off. Now she’ll have time off, and she’ll eventually find a better job, one with holidays off, and a lunch break every day, and people who appreciate her !

Meanwhile, *Orchard Foods, LLC can go fuck themselves with earnest and a hockey stick!

*the preceding was a personal opinion, and not reflective of anything physically possible without aid of a two-way mirror and a couple of elves.

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