Damned inconvenient

So my week/weekend was spent productively – had every window in my house replaced, had the space between my garage and fence cleared, leveled and graveled over to create a parking pad for the new SUV, and installed a lovely little fence/gate at the corner of the garage to re-enclose the yard after having torn down a fence to put up the parking pad. (the garage is reserved for both of our cars).

Only something just wasn’t quite right.

The fence, which is really pretty and installs in sections, is unfortunately installed now (by myself) on uneven ground. The yard slopes there, and that means the fence isn’t straight across, and the gate isn’t lining up properly.

It’s been bothering me, and last night – – in the middle of the night – – while I’m lying in bed listening to a lovely windstorm raging outside, it occurs to me how to fix the problem.

Only THEN my problem was the fact that it was almost midnight, pitch black outside, wet from a day of rain, and windy as all get out. All I could think of was getting out of bed right then, going outside and fixing the fence.

I wanted to do that so badly, it took me another hour to fall asleep!

I must have devoted a solid forty minutes to trying to understand why it wouldn’t have been a good idea to get up, put on some shoes, and go outside in the dark and wind, to fix the problem. Forget pants, I figured some shoes and maybe a flashlight, and I’d be good to go.

I probably would have done it, too, if I didn’t think my sister would have made me come inside.

Now I’m sitting here at work, frustrated that I’m not at home fixing that fence. I can’t even get to it for another few hours, since I’ll have to get off work, drive home – – stop to fuel up the car first and grab a latte at Starbucks – – then get home and convince my sister that we should go outside and do it NOW NOW NOW I WANNA DO IT NOW, rather than wait till the weekend.

Honestly, I have such little patience, it’s a wonder I can write novels.

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