Tea Time

Oh Glorious grey skies, chilly air and dew-swept hair!

Well I’ll stop there. I haven’t written poetry in ages, but the tides of summer have swept aside today, ushering in glorious Fall-like weather after a week of upper 80’s. Last night, even though it was still pretty hot inside, I couldn’t take the wait any longer. I brewed up some tea, Darjeeling, and sat on the couch blissfully sipping.

I’m a tea-snob in the same way I’m a coffee snob. It doesn’t have to be Starbucks coffee, but it damn well better not have come out of a can! I prefer my tea loose-leaf, but don’t mind bagged so long as it’s good tea.

No Liptons or that, what’s it called…the crap my mother keeps in her house . . . Ah, Red Rose. Blech. You use that with lemon when you have the flu.


No, for good tea, you gotta shop for it. Name brands don’t matter, it can be Numi, Ministry of Leaves, or even Stash from your grocery shelves. But it has to be TEA. You have to know the name, and the leaves inside that baggie. No generic “tea” for me, thankyouverymuch.

Today, in anticipation of the current 7-day forecast of 60 degrees, cloudy and wet, I’ve ordered three teas to add to my always-present stash of tea:

Chinese Breakfast (Yunnan Black). Aged Earl Grey (Bergamont Black). And some Berry Black (Raspberry Darjeeling).

Once the weather settles in for serious Fall-ness, I can break out my supply of Lapsang Souchong, one of my all-time favorites that I never have to share (for some reason, the lovely scent of burning wood turns everyone else off. Go figure). No matter, I’ll happily share with them my Big Green Hojicha, or some of the Darjeelings, Earl Greys, Yunnans or assorted Blacks. Scottish Breakfast is a big hit, so is Lady Grey – much like a good dark Earl Grey with sweet floral and citrus notes.

So pull up a couch, grab that blankie and a good book (preferably one of mine) and settle in for the afternoon.


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