OMG what’s the BFD?

Okay, so I blew a gasket – I freaked out, flipped, got hot under the collar.

It all started on Friday, a very hectic Friday wherein I had to leave work early to meet the plumber, go grocery shopping, run errands, and I was facing a weekend FULL of work and stress . . . did I mention it was a very hectic Friday?

So, when I tried that morning to log in to my Lulu account and was told I did not exist, you can imagine how frustrated I became. Right? You can imagine it? I’d tried and tried, using every method there is, even tried to make their system send me my password, or reset it even, only it kept insisting I did not exist, and never had existed, though I was welcome to set up a new account and get started.

Well, what really pissed me off was Lulu’s famous lack of customer service. It truly is lacking, but that’s never been an issue before. I didn’t care that you can’t contact anyone for help because I’d never needed help.

Oh, you can search the forum, regular people like me and you will be there to offer assistance, but just you try and contact Lulu ! What’s worse, if you can’t log in, you can’t even talk to the forum, you can only read the posts and wander around, unseen and unheard, like a ghost.

Anyway . . . Frustrated, I had to stop trying and put it out of my mind for a few days, all the while hoping it was simply a techno-fart that would clear itself up. If not, I was prepared to rant till I turned blue and never use Lulu again.

Only it was.  A techno-fart, that is.

All cleared up. I couldn’t log in, but it finally recognized me as someone who’d been there before, and allowed me to reset my password and get back in to my account.

So . . . crisis over.

For now.

Yanno, in case anyone was keeping score.

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