This, That ‘n the Other

I just saw a Youtube video of several mothers letting their children play on the beach covered in tar balls. But it was “okay” because they brought some Goo Gone, to clean up afterwards. Can someone say Darwin Award?

I’ve recently discovered I cannot chew gum and hand write fiction at the same time. Sounds odd, yes, but I tried three times and couldn’t quite manage it ! Pete informs me that he can do it without any trouble at all, but he failed the “chew gum and change poopie diaper” test, so I feel we’re even.

I was going to mark the day when I’d sold 1,000 books (eBook and print) only it would seem I’ve missed commemorating it by 47 books ! So, happy 1,047 books sold day ! The best part about that is, there’s no bookstore manager taking me off the shelf after a few weeks, no returns going back to the distributor, no one telling me since I didn’t sell enough in the first month, they don’t want to see more. My books can stay on the “shelves” for an eternity and continue to sell.

I’ve decided my next title, due out in July, will be a free eBook. It’s shorter than the others, and my readers deserve a free eBook. Sadly the print will still be at cost, because I can’t put something out in print from Lulu and have it free, but you can still read it online free, and download the eBook free.

Anyone who thinks handing out something for free never gets you anything is an idiot. I put up Ether as a free eBook during the “Read An Ebook Week” back in, March I think it was, and that alone generated more sales of my other titles than anything.

We had two whole days of summer this week ! Sunshine, warm temps, it got all the way up to 75* for one day. Of course that’s all over now, but it was sure nice while it lasted.

One of my mother’s dogs died on Wednesday 😦 We’re all going shooting Saturday to work off some emotion by murdering some lovely clay targets.

It’s nearly July ! I’m looking forward to the week of the 12th, when we get our new kitchen and bedroom floors installed. I have that whole week off from work for that, and plan to sit at the table and write while it’s happening. Unless the installer is hot, then I’ll just sit and watch him and SAY I wrote all week.

The characters in my current novel all have a deep Southern accent that I’m finding has crept into my own speaking voice on more than one occasion. It’s made for some interesting looks.

I’m in the mood for a Firefly marathon this weekend, but I have some Doctor Who episodes from Netflix that I need to watch . . . wonder if there’s time for both? I also wonder if I have enough fuel in my car to make it home tonight….

I could really go for a nap right now !

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