the status of the apparatus

Aka: Wazzup?

So lots of stuff’s been happenin’ lately, some of which I’ll mention, some of which will have to wait.

On the heels of Smashwords’ announcement of a new ISBN plan, I went ahead and put a number on both Ether and In The Time Of Dying, listing myself as the publisher, ‘natch. Those two titles were “shipped” to the Apple iBook store this week, so I’m interested in seeing how that will affect readership. I don’t know yet how Apple will report sales, quarterly I’d expect, so it’s time to sit back and ignore it all until figures come in.

But it’s cool. No denying that.

My current work in progress is nearing completion – maybe three quarters of the way there with the first draft. My plan is to handwrite the second draft. Normally I write a very clean first draft, but a second read-through is always in order, adding bits and bobs. I’m not one of those who subtracts 20%, mostly because I write very lean anyway, and if I took OUT twenty percent, I’d be left with a skeleton. And also because that blanket “twenty percent of all writing is needless fluff and should be cut” is horseshit. Blankets are for keeping warm, and should never be used as all-encompassing advice. Every writer’s mileage varies.

“Lord, Ethel, there she goes, gettin’ all hot n’bothered again.”

Okay, what else . . .

I bought a new pen – it’s a PINK Cross rollerball, and writes like a dream. It was a birthday present, so technically I didn’t buy it. Also picked up one of those little Moleskin notebooks to carry around with me, since my next novel is already cooking away in my mind and I’m resorting to jotting down notes whenever something new strikes me, so as not to interrupt the flow of my work in progress. Nothing better as a writer than to have your next novel already waiting in the wings. I’m thrilled about it because it’s going to be a complete departure from anything I’ve written so far, and will require some research. Not SF at all, just your regular, dyed-in-the-wool literary venture.

I’m reading Drood by Dan Simmons right now, and have Neil Gaiman’s American Gods waiting in the wings. I bought Drood in hardback, so it’s a massive, heavy thing that I can use to ward off intruders while I’m reading. Fantastic book, by an amazing writer.

I’m still in training for my big cancer walk on May 9th – though I did have to go get fitted for proper training shoes. My left shin was giving me issues, causing my foot to go numb at the mile mark – turns out I’d been walking with my feet a tad pronated, but a solid pair of shoes, cushy arched insert and fancy-dancy lacing technique that I could never repeat if I was paid to do it later, and I’m walking like a champ!

Baseball season started! And the Mariners won their opener against the Oakland A’s, but that never means much. Mostly what it means is, Spring is finally here and Summer’s comin’. Time to fix that massive moss issue in the back yard, paint the window boxes before planting, and write up lists of things “to do” that won’t “get done.”

That’s about it, in a nutshell. Till next post, anyway.

Power to the People!

Make Love, Not War!

So, what’s new with you?

One thought on “the status of the apparatus

  1. Well, you are busy as a bee. I haven’t been much around Twitter lately, so I was just poking around to see what’s up and found you had another post. And as usual, your posts are always interesting. I’ve been curious about the new iPad as a reading device. It sure will be interesting to find out how it affects e-books (sales, publishing, etc). I should try to find one to see up-close.

    Best of luck in your continued training for the cancer walk and your writing 🙂


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