take that, 2009!

Did I mention my sister GOT A JOB?!

Yep, sure ’nuff. Wasn’t even advertised. She found it through that old fashioned networking system people go on about, where a friend knew someone who needed someone . . . one comment between friends over lunch turned in to a resume ‘just to glance over’ which turned into a job interview, which immediately turned into a second, which that very day turned in to a new job that she loves!

And they’re happy to accomidate her random Dr. appointments and radiation therapy that starts up here pretty soon, because after a few weeks of that she’ll be back to normal and happily working full time once again.

So take THAT, 2009 !  And here’s to a fabulous 2010 for everyone.

Power to the People!

Make Love, Not War!

Have Your People Call My People.

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