two thumbs up?

So now that you have that novel written, edited, polished and printed – you’ve gone out and found yourself an ISBN, maybe a bar code too – and while you realize your pretty new novel isn’t going to sit neatly on the shelf at Barnes & Noble, it’s really only lacking one thing you’ve always wanted to have.

A review.

Well first, give up any hope of regular channels reviewing your work. Those sites you visit all the time that feature book reviews and opinions on the newest title to hit the shelves isn’t going to touch your book with a ten foot pole. You’ve seen them post reviews of every genre you can imagine, and read their write-ups of even the most obscure titles around, but read their guidelines and you’ll find a special spot in the Delete file is reserved for any author of a self published work who dares approach them with a copy.

They’ll couch it with something benign, like “If we did it for one of you, we’d be flooded with requests and wouldn’t have time for the real ones.”

It’s okay, we know by now we belong to a group called “one of you.” We picked this alley to walk down, remember? We knew all along this wasn’t the popular or safe route, but we knew it was the way we wanted to use to get there.

Does that mean we can’t get reviewed? Does it mean no one will read our novel with an intelligent, thoughtful eye and respond in kind? No, it doesn’t.
It just means we have to be more innovative, and use our brains, drive and determination a tad more than our traditional cousins. There are people and places out there who welcome self published novels and non-fiction works, and will give your work a review. All you have to do is find them, read their guidelines, and in most cases simply jot off a polite email asking if they’d be interested, and wait for a response.

People like: Pod People

Or Self Publishing Review

Or maybe llbook review

Head over to and scroll down the left side, you’ll find a host of sites willing and able to read and review your self published book.

Keep in mind – a review is just that, and can be good or bad. Just because they look kindly on “one of you” doesn’t mean they’re automatically in love with what you’ve written. Like any review, their opinions may vary, and will definitely be based on their own personal preference. If you don’t have a firm grasp of storytelling, grammar, syntax or style, expect to hear about it. If your characters fall flat, your dialog is stiff and unrealistic, or your plot is wildly unbelievable, don’t assume they’ll gloss over the realities and give you two thumbs up. Do, however, give them credit where credit is due. They’re intelligent people, who love reading books – so much so, they’ll give any new novel a try. If you’re good, they’ll gladly tell the world. Entertain them, and they’ll thank you for it.

And the next time you hear someone say “Ninety-nine percent of all self published novels are utter drek.” Be impressed. Be very impressed, because you’ve just met someone who had the time, and the wherewithal, to read ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of every self publishing effort there ever was, to date! Imagine the dedication, the love of reading they must possess to have read that many novels. To have had the time, and good eyesight, to read every book ever written, in order to make that bold statement, is a thing to be admired.

Applaud them, for theirs is a task that will never be complete.

Power to the People!

Make Love, not War!

Do I smell cookies?

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