Good Girl!

Lori posted over at the Commune about some escaped parrots in her town, and chatting with her about it reminded me of a funny thing that happened to a co-worker a few years ago.

He had a Cockatoo, big beautiful bird that had bonded to him the way most birds tend to bond with a particular family member. Trouble was, this bird no not only bonded with him, but it had taken a serious dislike to the man’s wife. She couldn’t get near it, couldn’t hold the bird or pet it, which isn’t unusual. But this went above and beyond.

This bird had a unique habit of picking up claw-fulls of seed from its bowl, flinging it all to the carpet, then saying “Good Girl” as the man’s wife vacuumed up the seed. He would then pick up another claw-full, toss it to the carpet, and as the vacuum moved under his cage, he’d call out “Good Girl.”

Every time this man’s wife was cleaning the house,  she was treated to a chorus of “Good Girl! Good Girl!”

Gotta love birds!

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