sequels – sequels – sequels

Everyone loves a sequel, right? Well, not really. Too many good movies have been ruined by crappy sequels made for no other purpose than to cash in on the popularity of the original.

But I can assure you this is not the case! Honest.

Since Trunk Novels has been put on hold while Lori works on her thesis, I’ll be placing my older novel Keeper on my Midnight Reading site and in the store there. And, to keep it company alongside Ether, I’ll be publishing the sequels to Keeper. There are three altogether, and I’ll stretch them out through the year, beginning with Madness being available some time in February.

Keeper is a novel I wrote years, and years, ago – my writing talent has improved dramatically since then, but I admit this novel – the story and characters – have always remained near and dear to me. And they’ve enjoyed a huge following, so clearly I did something right back then !

These are sequels that haven’t been read before – they’re a combination and complete revision of the original sequels written years ago, but never released.

So, as soon as I can polish up my web creation skills, and get my duck billed platypuses in a row, the sequels to Keeper will launch at

2 thoughts on “sequels – sequels – sequels

  1. Hi Kristine

    I found your Keeper series via a link from an LJ site. I’d read another original fic on the net and found it tedious, so looked around the ‘net for any other opinion (to make sure it wasn’t just me!). I found an LJ site where the owner described 4 original fics on the net that she’d found, and one of these was your Keeper series. I followed the link and found them all in .lit format, and d/l them from that site, then converted them to html.

    I was absolutely hooked from the start. Very interesting characters and a great in-depth story arc. My ‘Knowledge of Power’ ended without an “The End”, so I thought I might not have d/l it all correctly. I went back to check, and the site I’d got them from – only 10 days ago – now only has Keeper, Madness and Deja Vu still available. It occurred to me that you might be updating them or maybe getting people to remove them (not even the wayback machine has them!). So I went looking for any links to the stories or to you. Finally, through many tortuous twists and links I’ve finally found my way to your wordpress site and also to MidnightReading.

    I see that you are going to put up Keeper plus 3 sequels over the coming year. I’ll be looking forward to that, not least because it’ll represent a place that I can put a link to.

    I loved the Keeper series (currently am up to Sha’ereh) and would certainly pay money for it. I wwanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed and am enjoying it. Alex and Evan are interesting characters, the reader wants very much to know what happens next (though Alex’ brattishness can be trying!). You’ve drawn them wonderfully well, their foibles, strengths and weaknesses. And the ‘space’ detail – it seems so real. Fabulous imagination, visualisation and logical consistency – it seems to hang so well together I wonder if you’ve got some training in this area?

    It’s great to find fiction of this calibre, and a surprise to be able to get it for free (at least, Keeper can be d/l for free from trunknovels). I’ll certainly be buying the ebook version of Ether too, as I am totally hooked on your writing.

    Thank you very much for sharing your talent with the greater ‘netland; I look forward to reading more and more… Rest assured that I won’t link to Keeper etc until it’s up at MidnightReading, as I’ve formed the impression that you are trying to rein in the number of copies out there? But please share it all again with the rest of us; your writing is so good and the stories so captivating! And as you say on you blogsite “they enjoyed a huge following (back then)” – now a whole new audience can be charmed and challenged.

    Warm regards,
    Deb Wilson

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