don’t you hate it when

You hear one of your cats making play-noises in the kitchen, then a little while later you happen to go into the kitchen and find said cat sitting and staring intently at that little space between your counter and your stove?

I know we don’t have mice, although one could have fit in that space, but what we DO have this time of year, are MASSIVELY GIANT MONSTER SPIDERS FROM HELL.


We don’t have anything deadly here, no dangerous snakes or poisonous spiders. Sure, some of them will make a nasty hole in you, and black widows can make you sick, but we don’t have those tarantula monsters or the ones that can eat a bird.  We’re talking just your average, Joe-blow closet spider that tend to become MASSIVELY GIANT SPIDER MONSTERS FROM HELL, if allowed to mature.

As I’m freaking out, worried that a MASSIVELY GIANT SPIDER MONSTER FROM HELL is lurking there in that space, waiting for the opportune time to come out and kill me in my sleep, Rumor, the cat in question, walks away in a fit of extreme boredom.

I sprayed the devil’s poison in that gap (which will probably kill ME when next I cook) and keep checking the entire kitchen (and, with paranoia, the whole house) but I haven’t found anything yet.

It’s either lying in wait, biding its time until reinforcements can arrive – or my cat just pulled a Made You Look.

6 thoughts on “don’t you hate it when

  1. Half the time, when my cats do that…it’s a bit of dust, or a small rock, or a twist tie, or three invisible air molecules… It’s probably NOT a spider that will crawl into your mouth while you sleep or anything.

  2. I’m thinking it’s the last three words of your post, but as I do not have indoor cats, I don’t know that for sure. My dogs bark at imagined noises at the most inopportune times. Lately I’ve been wanting to beat them because it’s getting worse. Maybe I should walk them instead.

  3. Every cat I’ve ever had, at some point, realizes they can make me look – then they start playing that game. I’m pretty sure that’s all it was (and I decided to put my hands over my ears and say LALALALALA I can’t hear you! to Pete’s idea) ;}

  4. Lawks, the spider accompaniements I had, living in places outside the forty-eight states. O! the man things I shook out of my shoes! And studies do say that in your lifetime, you will eat a handful of spiders in your sleep (I forget how many. Six?)

    The solution is to sleep standing up in the shower with the water running, probably. Or stop sleeping. If you stop sleeping, the clowns won’t get you neither. *twitch*

  5. Hm, there may be another solution of what your cat was doing. My friend has a dog, a German sheppard. They live in a house that’s close to a forest, so they have pleenty of crawly things inside, like BIG spiders or sometimes mice. Well, guess what the dog does when he’s bored and sees something crawling in the corner? He jumps on it and…. eats it. Yup, quite disgusting, but it’s a way to get rid of some of those spiders. yuck.

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