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3-days of fire prevention

Well the holiday weekend us almost upon us – us American’s, that is. I love 3-day weekends, I have to admit. Who doesn’t? And I have plans for this one. Plans that have nothing to do with the Fourth of July, or BBQing or anything like that. In fact, I plan to do almost nothing at all.I’m going grocery shopping tonight, so I won’t have to leave the house at all this weekend. When I get home on Thursday (after going out for dinner and drinks) I ain’t so much as getting into my car until Monday morning !

I have a funky keyboard to finish, and plans for another one that I’ve finally worked some kinks out of. And I have tons of rock that needs to be drilled, a bunch of flowers destined for the window boxes, and I can already hear the couch calling my name.

On the writing front . . . Well, I’ve been having thoughts. But I’m in a mood right now, and shouldn’t be making any rash decisions until I can figure out if that’s the cause. But in the meantime – Trunk Novels is enjoying fantastic success! I couldn’t be happier. Keeper is being read, and Mary’s The Bad Genie premiered yesterday and already the hits are piling up. If you haven’t read or bought a copy yet, get over there now! You won’t regret it.

So, got any big plans this weekend, other than preventing your house from being burned down by those beer-guzzlin’, fire-works lightin’ neighborhood thugs?

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  1. Plans for the 4th…..

    Parade in Summerlin (Las Vegas), Nevada as Princess Leia.

    Plans for the 5th

    Parade in Crestline, California also as Princess Leia.

    I will be marching with our local Garrison of the 501st.

    Packing up to go to Texas on the 7th….

    No rest for the costume un-empared…

    Hope everyone else has a great 4th and a productive and restful weekend.

    Now off to send Keeper to my e-book reader so I have something to read on my drive and flight.

    in Las Vegas

  2. Yep… Had fun but it was tireing. Just got back from Comic-Con and my feet and brain are tired.


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