post-nap, day 4

So far, so good. Since Monday, I’ve made it home after work and managed to avoid lying down on the couch for a pre-dinner snooze ! I’m enjoying it, but I’m sure it’s going to get harder to do before it gets to be a habit. On Monday I cleaned the kitchen. On Tuesday, turned on the laptop and got a few things done. Yesterday my sister was home early from work so we were chatting about deleting our business webpage and creating a blog instead. Tonight, since I don’t have to do any dinner-prep, and I have no errands to run, it’s going to be really difficult to avoid that warm, soft couch. It’s especially hard when the drive home happens to be in the sun, and I can barely keep my eyes open behind the wheel !

Man, there’s nothing nicer than an early Spring nap in the sun, eh? No wonder my cats enjoy it so much.

Anyway, tomorrow’s the final chapter in the old story I’ve been posting, and I’ll be glad to see that over and done with! It’s been nostalgic at best, embarassing at worst. I take heart in the quality of work I do now, as we all grow and mature with each new novel.

Is it Friday yet? I could really use a nap!

2 thoughts on “post-nap, day 4

  1. It’s good to get things done isn’t it? Sometime I skip dinner so I can do things while everyone else is eating.

    Have any clutter to clear out? A bookshelf to reorganize? I’m sure you can find something to do this evening.

  2. I’d rather take a nap. I feel deprived. My dad always got to take a nap right after dinner. Why can’t I? Why can’t they leave me alone for 20 minutes? Why? Why? WHY?

    A 20 minute nap and I’d be refreshed and able to stay up after they’ve all gone to sleep so I can get some writing done. As it is, I’m starting to fall asleep myself right after they do.

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