it’s high time!

for Spring!


I don’t know what the weather is like where you are – and I admit, it’s warmer here than most places – but I for one have grown weary of this Winter Blah and I’m ready for Spring!   I want to see color other than green and grey.  (okay, I don’t wanna mow my lawn, but there ya go)  I’ve been able to put away my heavy coat, but it’s still blustery outside, and really cold in the mornings.

I’m ready for more sunlight – this “daylight saving time” thing always drags me down for the first few weeks because it’s so dark in the early hours again.

I’m ready for tulips, daffodils, and the crocus I can’t spell right (is that right?)   Here in the Pacific Northwet, we’re done with snow.  We won’t see freezing temps again until maybe November, but it’s not Spring yet.  The cherry trees don’t have their buds yet, my apple tree still looks dead. I don’t see the daffodils someone scattered along the side of the highway coming up yet, and the tulips in my neighbor’s yard aren’t up.

I Want Spring! darnit!

How’s about you?

5 thoughts on “it’s high time!

  1. Yes, spring could arrive at any time to stay. And we could do without a bit of precipitation for awhile.

    The little one is all about going to the playground to swing and slide right now. She knows we’re on the cusp of spring and she’s dying to get out and do stuff.

    Plus, I’d actually like to get outside and do some yardwork.

  2. If only… Seems this winter (and I won’t go into the fact that we have real winters compared to you :p) has gone on since NOVEMBER! I am sick and tired of it. Just make it go away. I want warm sunshine. I want to take off a winter coat, and gloves, and hat. I want to drive with my car windows down. I want to sit in the backyard in our yard swing and enjoy a warm breeze. I want to be able to take the dogs for a walk without slipping on my ass on some black ice. I’m tired of looking at dirty snow banks. I want warmth!

  3. I should admit that, once August rolls around, I’ll have to whine and complain about the heat. I’m not one for extremes of hot or cold. But I’m dyin’ for some color. My sister does an amazing job with flowers in our yard, while my job is the lawn, so during the summer our house is surrounded by color and I just love it.

    But right now we’re in that middle stage, not quite winter anymore, but not spring yet, and I hate it. Whenever we do get a hint of sunshine, my cats dash to their kitty-condos in the corner window and just soak it up!

    I’m finally buying a hammock this year and that’s all there is to it !

  4. At least you’re seeing some sort of sign that spring is coming. We’re still, despite that it’s the middle of March, experiencing full blown winter. Although today in the 40s gives some hope.

    And I hate the extremes, too, but to be honest, when I’m wilting in the 95 degree muggy August heat, I can still think that it’s a heluva lot better than 84 inches of snow and single digits!

  5. Oh yeah, I’ll moan in the late summer season after the humidity has turned me into a big frizzy mess. It’s not the heat I mind so much as that suffocating feeling I get when I try to breathe in the humidity. I love visiting mountains in the summer because it’s just so perfect!

    *Whisks away to a mountain vacation in her mind.*

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