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tonight’s the night!

I don’t care if you care or not, but tonight and tomorrow I’ll be glued to the Westminster Kennel Club 2008 Dog Show.  Clio didn’t enter, so I won’t be rooting for her obviously, but Ch Paradox Muse-Ic To My Ears just won Best of Breed in the Bull Terrier colored department, and this dog’s a beauty!


Since Rufus won back in 2006, don’t count on another Bullie winning any time soon, but I’ll be happy just to see this one in action 😀

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  1. It’s on USA for one hour, then switches to CNBC. If you don’t get CNBC then it repeats tomorrow morning on USA for all 3 hours, then concludes on USA for all 3 hours Tuesday.

    Annoying as hell, but at least I finally figured it out !

  2. Well, as long as the 2 poodles didn’t win… history would have been made. Several of those dogs, the Akita, Weinmareiner, had never won either.

    That was fun. As soon as they introduced the Top 7 dogs, as soon as the Beagle came on stage, I said, “He’s the winner.” That Beagle had a vibe to him, an air of confidence that filled that arena. The audience felt it. The judge couldn’t resist it.

    In fact, when they were judging the sporting breeds I had picked him to win that part of it. There was just something special about that dog.

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