I haz one.

So for Christmas Eve, I got not one, but two rejections in the mail. One was form – the usual. But one was from an agent who had asked for the first 3 chapters – had them for 4 months – then rejected. Yes, she had nice things to say – writing was strong, held over after initial favorable reading – yada yada yada. But a No is still a No.

And it was a No.

I’m bummed. To say I’m not would be a lie. She was a legit agent, very good sales record, and I was really holding out some hope. But alas . . . Well I still have several fishing lures in the water, so all is not lost (yet). And to keep my brain off the depression I’m prepping for the Penman Shipwreck. I was initially excited about Ether, then after giving the story idea more consideration, I realized it wasn’t going to work.

And then, one foggy Christmas Eve πŸ˜€ I was drifting to sleep Christmas Eve and had an epiphany. There are minor details still to be worked out, but I know where Ether needs to go in order to work, and I know enough to get it started in January, on the 1st, as my Penman Shipwreck novel. Plenty of time to work out the few kinks still there, because I can see it all clearly and beatifully. And writing by hand will give me more time to think than I’m used to.

So while I’m depressed, I’m also happy.

Such is the life of a writer !

9 thoughts on “epiphany

  1. There are rejections in the blogging world? A commenter who says “Dear Original Poster, I have considered the blog post you made, above, and have deemed it unusable at this time. Please delete at your earliest convenience. Thank you.”


    I got your letter today, Kristine. That was the tiniest envelope I’ve ever seen. I have just this moment sat down to read it. Your handwriting is neater than mine.

  2. I am So glad you can read it ! I find my handwriting utterly useless, and will be forced to transcribe my Penman Shipwreck daily so as not to forget what I handwrote ! I’m hunting down propper stationary and envelopes, too, but folding it up like that and looking thick made me feel as though I had written something significant πŸ˜€

  3. Pete, with what I’m doing, or trying to do, it’s more like, “Dear Aspiring Blogger Who Wants to Write a Column for Nice Site for $$$, I have considered your portfolio, and I don’t think this site is a good fit for you right now. Thank you for considering us.”

    So while I am sort of chuckling along, I’m not going to be having a good day on the non-rejection front for a long time.


  4. I feel your pain, Kristine. (Feel free to say that in a Clintonesque tone.) After my recent rejections I’ve withdrawn from submission to give it a serious going over. Not sure what’s wrong with it, but it obviously has some flaws that the agents see.

  5. It may not, Ed. Maybe it just wasn’t useful for them, at that time? Maybe it’s fine. I worry that withdrawing it is the kiss of death. I’m always faintly embarrassed by anything of mine which is more than a month or two old (although when I get up the courage to go back and read, I find that it is better than the idea that has rotted in my brain). I wonder if it would be better just to have the novel out there, rather than going, “Its legs are too long, its hair is all over the place, it has this off-kilter way of looking over your shoulder and then asking you loudly why you have that bald spot…” and then you won’t want to send it back out again.

  6. Well, I was planning on working on it feverishly over the weekend and starting fresh on the 2nd when the agencies all open up again after holiday break. I posted a brief beginning “In the Beginning” in SYW to get a feel for what others thought of that change.

    I just think it needs a trim, a little off the sides and top, ya know? It’s hair is hanging in its eyes. No major surgery. No lip injections. No botox. No liposuction. Nothing like that.

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