5 weird things

Five weird facts – since Ed tagged Pete and Carrie, and Pete tagged Lori and I, here you go:

1) I was born on April Fools Day, was an “accident” and my parents were hoping for a boy, and were going to name me Michael. Not really weird, I guess, but I use it as an excuse whenever necessary.

2) I have a furniture fetish – I LOVE shopping for furniture and planning rooms. I can’t BUY much furniture, because my house is quite small and fully furnished, but I love to wander around furniture stores and imagine whole new ways to decorate my rooms.

3) I don’t use credit cards. I used to, but then my sister developed an issue with them and we had to both go cold turkey in order to break that cycle. We paid them all off and we use cash only for everything now. Except the cars, and the house. That’s what credit was invented for – houses and cars – not sweaters or a nice pair of leather boots. And don’t let people tell you that plastic is necessary to keep your credit score – that’s bullshit. If you have a mortgage and make monthly payments to utilities and things like cable TV, there’s your credit score right there, my friend. Credit cards are a corporate conspiracy to enslave the human race in debt. /soapbox.

4) My SAT’s came back with a recommendation that I study languages in college and pursue a career in literature and the arts. So I signed up for every science class there was, knowing that’s where the smart money lay, and went into the Veterinary Medicine field. *sigh*

And finally:

5) I’ve been waiting anxiously for today to arrive, because The Mod Squad, Season 1, is out on DVD and I’m rushing off after work to purchase it, so I can relive my very first ever crush on a guy.

And there you have it. It all sounds pretty pathetic written down, and I hope none of this makes it into my Legacy as a writer, that will live in infamy. Or be infamous.

Or inflammatory.

8 thoughts on “5 weird things

  1. I am going to point to your entry when my wife gets home as Why We Do Not Need These Vile Pieces Of Plastic, Damn It.

    Also, feel free to stop by any time you want and rearrange our house. Honest, we’re crap at it. I’ve finally gotten the living room into something approximating a decent living space. My wife and I both look at people’s well organized (or at least: human) homes and dispair at our lack of design sense. And despite how much HGTV and Discovery Home we seem to watch, we are no better. Alas.

    Your five things are infinitely more interesting than my own… 😀

  2. We’re blasting the Plastic Beast right now. Things got a little out of hand for a time. Now, I’ve a plan and a method. And a card that has no interest on balance transfers for a year. To which my higher interest balances are going so that the beasts of burden may be transfered and then mutilated into oblivion.

  3. I’m so glad to hear that, Tori ! I am to credit card use what Pete is to handwriting. Except that I’m militantly against it while Pete is all for handwriting. But . . . yanno what I mean 😀 I’ll go on and on for hours expounding on the joys and virtues of being without debt and the freedom of both mind and soul that comes with that.

    And by without debt, I’m assuming you pay either rent, or a mortgage and probably have a car payment. What I mean is credit – that you have charge cards to anywhere or anything.

  4. The… the… Mod Squad? Today?

    *breaks down in tears*

    All my presents have been bought already!

    *contemplates sneaking it out on the credit card*

  5. I’m excited about it, at least. That’s money we can put toward more useful things, not finance charges. I’ve convinced my husband that this year’s tax return should be used to pay off credit cards because it will be better in the long term. Last year, I couldn’t convince him, so it didn’t get put to good use.

    We also need college savings for Piper, and other savings for important things. I’ve been trying to do 2008 financial planning lately.

  6. That’s right – Mod Squad Season one, the first 13 eps 😀 The second 13 eps come out in March.

    It’s annoying how they split these things, and charge you $27.99 for each half !

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