Castle Debacle is here!

By the prickling of my thumbs,

Castle Debacle hast this way come!

Err, well – it’s here.

And my Friday Thing is coming. It’s coming! Get off my back!!  *ahem* It’s coming.

10 thoughts on “Castle Debacle is here!

  1. O! George, but the time has come upon us witherto the drawbridge shall be lowered, and I may sweep into thine castle and see thee, once more! Lo!, for it has been too long since thou hast twixt’d my nethers with yonder serious conversings on the writerly matters of heart!

  2. Wha?

    No seriously, What strange language does Pete speak, forsooth?

    And must we all post links to the Castle, anon?

    (I’m thinking I’ll have my Friday thing posted long before Kristine ever posts her’s, verily)

  3. I’m getting there! 😀

    Actually I’m working on it right now, but I have trouble with the cut and paste – it wants to display as a TINY font that’s totally unreadible. SO I’m working on it.

    And you certainly don’t HAVE to link to the Castle. But the Castle will link to you (soon as it gets all its gears greased)

  4. Kristine, the trouble I have with posting text that makes it tiny is, it tries to preserve all the formatting of the original document. When I post my excerpts, I first post it into Notepad or something, to strip out Word’s behind the scenes stuff. Then I post THAT into the page. You might have to do something similar.

    Ed, you don’t HAVE to post anything on Fridays, and you don’t HAVE to link to the Castle. And Frankie says relax. 🙂

  5. Well, we consistently like you for it, anyway. I’m not ready to confess my love for Ed just yet. The comic books he’s named haven’t been THAT good, mind you…!

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