Welcome to the Store.  Today’s Featured Products:

EPDM Bat necklace

This purple and black Bat checks in at 18” and stands ready to adorn your Belfry today.



EPDM latex-free rubber Bat necklace

At 18” this brown rubber and Anodized Aluminum Bat is alert and ready to be part of your Halloween outfit.




EPDM latex-free rubber ring chanimaille Bat

Black rubber rings with frost anodized aluminum accents, this 18” Bat is ready for immediate adoption.



Today’s Featured Product: Medieval Stress Balls.

Medieval Stress Balls

Medieval Stress Balls, various colors, anodized aluminum rings.


Medieval Stress Cubes

Larger than the Medieval Stress Balls, also made of anodized aluminum rings. Colors will vary.


Send us an email if you want specific colors/combinations:

Don’t be dead, play with some Medieval Stress Balls today.

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