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Unleash your inner badass. When you don’t want the full commitment or cost of a hauberk, try an Over-Piece. As an addition to your Cosplay outfit, that little something you put over your bikini after-dar, or a topper to your date-night little black dress, an Over-Piece will turn every head in the room. These beauties are made with Aluminum rings, so they’re light-weight and comfortable-as-hell. With no clasp to worry about, and no enclosed sleeve to hinder movement, you’ll wanna wear this all day, every day. Materials: Anodized Aluminum Length : One Size Fits All Clasp: None Colors: Matte Titanium Grey, Olive Green fringe and Frost Scales Earrings: Hypoallergenic Surgical Steel with rubber security backs Pattern: European 4-in-1


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