The Velvet Zebra is two self-taught sisters who live in Kitsap County, Washington (USA) putting art together one ring at a time. We started out with jewelry, then began to add 3-D artwork, inlay wall hangings, shirts (called Hauberks) as well as Scale-Maille and Gauntlets.

From Dragons to Jellyfish, Wall Art to a Castle with a fully functional drawbridge, we are always trying something new, and sometimes we even accidentally create a masterpiece! Our work has been in galleries in both Poulsbo WA and Pagosa Springs CO. We are always looking for a new Gallery or Shop to display our work.

Our online store at www.squareup.com/store/the-velvet-zebra accepts all credit and debit cards, including American Express and is open 24/7/365.

During the third weekend of August every Summer, you can find us at the Poulsbo Arts Show on the waterfront in Poulsbo WA.

Chainmaille, or Mail, or Chain Maille – call it what you like since there is no official right or wrong word for it. What is it? Technically speaking, Maille is nothing more than a type of armor consisting of small metal rings linked together in a pattern to form a mesh. Patterns are called Weaves, and they are endless – some are ancient, some were just invented.

While the Knights of Yore wore steel to battle, we use Anodized Aluminum for the majority of our work due to its lightness and ability to hold color, which is created through a process called Anodizing while the rings are still just spools of wire. These colors are bright, bold and beautiful and will not fade or rub off.

Sir Brutus of Machismo might not have worn a bright lavender Hauberk with violet highlights, but we see no reason why you shouldn’t.

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