Welcome to The Velvet Zebra!

Here you’ll find links to pages dedicated to our arts – be it Chain Maille, Lapidary Jewelry or just a good read, you can find your way there from here.

The pages you’ll find here are dedicated to:

Chain Maille (or Chain Mail) – there’s really no wrong or right way to say it, since this isn’t the actual medieval protective gear worn by warriors in battle. We jewelry makers do use many of the same patterns the Europeans, Japanese, Persian and Byzantine fighters used, but it’s seriously doubtful they worked in Anodized Aluminum or Enameled Copper. And I’m not sure how many Knights wore violet or light blue armor … but that’s really none of my business.

What my sister and I make and sell are Chain Maille earrings, necklaces and bracelets (for women and men). I prefer to work with Anodized Aluminum and occasionally Enameled Copper, for the lightness – but will often sprinkle in some Copper, and when I’m feeling generous, Niobum. For the guys, I like to work in Brass or Stainless Steel, but many of them prefer the Aluminum for the weight (or lack thereof) I finish the necklaces and bracelets with magnetic clasps – round 6mm – very sturdy. Earrings are finished with Surgical Steel loops and a rubber back for security.

If that’s not your thing, try the Lapidary page – For the uninitiated, Lapidary means someone who cuts and polishes rocks and gems. In this case, my sister and I mine, cut, polish and make into jewerly both Agates and Jaspers. Those we don’t mine (or rockhound, if you prefer) ourselves, we trade for mined rough and slabs with others who do.

Our most popular item are Pendants. These are Agates and Jaspers that we cut into freeform shapes ( as opposed to the traditional oval Cabachon style ) then tumble polish in a pair of rotary tumblers for 8 + weeks, then drill a hole completely through to place a bail. The beauty of the free form shape, combined with what nature has already created, results in each finished Pendant being completely different and unique from all the others.

Well sell the Pendants as-is, ready for you to string and bead, or place on a chain alone, or finish up in any fashion you see fit – as well as already strung necklaces with Freshwater Pearls and occasionally stone accent chips.

The Velvet Zebra jewelry store

The Velvet Zebra jewelry store

If you didn’t come for jewelry, as an Indie Author, I have embraced both the paperback and the eBook with great gusto! Or at least a fumbling sort of accomplishment. Each of my titles will be showcased here on the Books page, from the newest on down, with links to the various sites where they can be purchased.

For ease-of-use, and to avoid any real confusion at the other sites, The Velvet Zebra is now the hub of what was Midnight Reading (although you’ll still see Midnight Reading while you’re at Smashwords and Lulu). From here, you’ll be directed to either Lulu if you want to purchase a paperback or hard cover – or Smashwords to purchase/download an eBook. However, all of my published titles are also available via Barnes & Noble, the Apple’s iBook store, Kobo, Sony, Diesel – and many others.

The Velvet Zebra eBook store

The Velvet Zebra eBook store

If it’s an eBook you want, I suggest Smashwords where any and all formats are available – but if you have a favorite book store, just do a search, I’m sure they’ll come up!

The Velvet Zebra paperback store

The Velvet Zebra paperback store

Now that you’re familiar with The Velvet Zebra, feel free to Like us on Facebook, check out our Store, or just hang around here to see what comes next! As always, you can send me an email if you have any questions, comments or fashion tips – and on behalf of my sister and myself, Welcome to The Velvet Zebra!


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