As an Indie Author, I have embraced both the paperback and the eBook with great gusto! Or at least a fumbling sort of accomplishment. Each of my titles will be showcased here, from the newest on down, with links to the various sites where they can be purchased.

For ease-of-use, and to avoid any real confusion at the other sites, The Velvet Zebra is now the hub of what was Midnight Reading (although you’ll still see Midnight Reading while you’re at Smashwords and Lulu). From here, you’ll be directed to either Lulu if you want to purchase a paperback or hard cover – or Smashwords to purchase/download an eBook. However, all of my published titles are also available via Barnes & Noble, the Apple’s iBook store, Kobo, Sony, Diesel – and many others.

If it’s an eBook you want, I suggest Smashwords where any and all formats are available – but if you have a favorite book store, just do a search, I’m sure they’ll come up!

The new novel should be finished soon, so look for it this Spring. If it was jewelry you were looking for, click one of the tabs at the top, just under the logo. And welcome to The Velvet Zebra!

New in store:











Finally available in one volume – the entire Keeper series: Keeper, Madness, Tools of Extinction and Sha’erah.    Get it now













Captain Neal Bishop landed a rather dull job body-guarding a group of scientists at an archeological site. But this site isn’t like any other. The moon had never been colonized, and until a miner’s drill pierced a wall three weeks ago, the cavern had never been exposed. So how did five human skeletons come to be inside? And why did one have Neal’s DNA? Sentient life is about to be redefined.    Get it now.


Available now.

Legend has it the Darkness gem holds all the evil of a long-dead alien race, and that whoever possesses the stone will discover the secrets hidden within. Jayden Pearce, famed fortune hunter and galactic adventurer, braved the Dark Forest and ancient temples that kept the stone hidden for centuries. Never one to buy in to curses or dark energy, he sold the gem for a tidy sum to private collector and all-around bad guy Giles Markem, who gave it to his fiance as a wedding gift.

But legend forgot about Light, the sister stone to Darkness and the map that holds the key to untold rewards.

Jayden Pearce forgot about it to, until his old partner returned with an offer he couldn’t refuse.

In The Time Of Dying Now available

Earth was used up, and humanity had a choice – leave, or perish. And so they left, in great ships full of colonists and scientists, with soldiers to protect them all. Hurling through space in a timeless sleep. Waiting for the ship’s computers to find their new home and wake them.

But when they wake, they realize things have gone horribly wrong. They aren’t where they should be. The ship has malfunctioned and landed them on an alien planet not even on the charts. A world bathed in permanent darkness due to an unusual orbit.

After a single night of fire, death, sabotage and destruction, this world is now their home.

They’ll have to make a life here without going mad in the eternal darkness. A task made even more dangerous when they realize they’re not alone.

Ether, now available.


The day Daniel Harper inherited his uncle’s old farm, he also inherited a strange key. When he used that key on the cellar door, he found himself not on the rotting wooden steps, but in the path of an oncoming car in a dark city street.

He’s just stepped into Ether, a world of steam powered cars, and wooden ships that sail the skies. The key to going home is the key that brought him there, but he’s left it in the cellar door. Now his best chance of finding the way back is to go along with Ether’s most wanted criminal and former bodyguard to the murdered King in the hopes of finding another key.

Review by Pete Tzinksi:
It’s an archetypal story, with a classic structure, of the sort you see in Narnia, Alice and Wonderland…to an extent…A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain, and so many other books. It’s a classic high fantasy story, of the sort that existed before Tolkien gave “high fantasy” a definition. And atop that, it’s also the classic “stranger in a strange land” sort of story. The man from our time, out of his time and place.

A lazy person could call the characters clichés, but they aren’t. They’re archetypal characters too, classical characters who fit their mold and fulfill the function. They’re very much classical heroes out of mythology and world culture, and I think that helps to put Ether into the class of fairy tale, similar to what someone like Neil Gaiman was going for with Stardust, a classic (almost English) fairy tale, although I think that Daniel lends the story a certain Western/American sense that a British fairy tale wouldn’t have.

Daniel is the classic hero, following the hero’s journey as laid out in things like Hero with a thousand faces by Joseph Campbell, who is thrown into a strange land and while initially seeking to get home is also growing as a human being into someone who can fulfill his great potential, and then placed in a situation in which he must recognize his potential and act upon it, or go back to his old life (which is not a choice at all, because he has been reshaped to that point so that he MUST act on his potential). Daniel does this, and he goes on to help Ian and the Princess serve justice. There is the romance between the Princess and Daniel, but that’s not the key part of the story that everything else hinges on. Daniel, having come into his own, must move to rescue the princess and aid her because…he must. It’s the character he is.

Ian is the staunch ally, the loyal supporter. Not necessarily the sidekick, but he is the Unfurth to Beowulf, he is Chewbacca to Han Solo, he is Sam to Frodo, Spock AND McCoy to Kirk, in that they augment the hero character. A “sidekick” cannot function without the main character, not without serious evolution, which removes him from being a sidekick and makes him and augmenting character. That’s what Ian is. He provides clarity for Daniel, he provides knowledge and protection, and at the same time, it is his grim sense of loyalty and sense of justice — bitter though he might be after years of neglect — which help to awaken in Daniel the potential.

The Princess is a classic story of someone who is outcast and must fight to reclaim their throne. She could have been the center of the story, if Daniel hadn’t been. She doesn’t exist to serve as the love interest, any more than Ian exists to serve as the sidekick. In many ways, she’s there to serve as a final catalyst, the final door through which Daniel must inevitably go in order to fulfill his potential and step onto the path that he has to follow.

The world, the villains, are all unique creations, but they are the unique backdrop to a very classical, very old sort of story.



When Captain Alex Marcase’s estranged father dies, he hopes his
inheritance will be enough to fund his next deep space expedition. When his
inheritance turns out to be a genetically-altered slave named Evan, it’s just
the beginning of the end of Alex’s normal, orderly life. Not only does Evan
have his own brand of morality, his special abilities are coveted by his late
owner’s enemies. As the pair head into deep space with their enemies in hot
pursuit, Alex’s chief rival ahead of them, and a saboteur onboard their ship,
will they be able to learn to appreciate each other as individuals in time? Or
will their differences be too much to overcome?

Now available in paperback or pdf download at the Midnight Reading store.

Read a review.


Book 2 in the Keeper series.

Still affected by betrayal and deceit, Alexander Marcase feels his life has lost all connection to truth. Unable to comes to terms with his own past, he’s determined to discover the reality behind Evan’s. What they learn along the way reshapes their understanding of Keepers and Sha’erah, as well as their appreciation for each other. But nothing they’ve experienced this far can prepare them for what they’re about to find.

Now available in paperback or pdf download at the Midnight Reading store.


The day Alex Marcase learned he was the new owner of a Sha’erah named Evan, his life turned upside down. Dealing with each other took time, and a great deal of effort on both their parts. In the years they’ve been together, they’ve been to hell and back on more than one occasion. Each time growing stronger in their trust and conviction.

This time, hell is looking for them.

Now available in paperback or pdf download at the Midnight Reading store.

ShaerahsmAdjusting to their lives as fugitives, Alex and Evan have begun forging a new future amid a recovering humanity. Until a ghost from their past threatens to destroy what’s left. Facing demons both real and imagined will bring them answers, and open their lives to an entirely new kind of threat.
Their future has only just begun.

Now available in paperback or pdf download at the Midnight Reading store.

StarssmallAn older title, availabe in print for the first time:

Military pilot Mac Brennan was looking forward to a quiet, peaceful retirement. He signed on with a group of scientists heading out into deep space to join a colony, forgotten during the 20 year Union War. They promised him lavender grasses, clear blue skies, and untold miles of wild, untouched nature where a man can return to the roots of living free, and in harmony with the world. A home where he could indulge his love of flying, and the easy job of policing a few thousand pre-occupied scientists and colony builders.

What he found were the destroyed ruins of the original colony, evidence of horrible destruction, an outdated AI full of riddles and offering no answers, and one survivor – a young man with no memory of what happened, and an unspeakable fear of night.


9 thoughts on “Books

  1. Hello. I went searching for three of your books recently and can’t find hide nor hair of them. I have pdf’s from years ago, but want to buy them (they were free when I got them – honestly not sure when/where, but I think it was your old website). The stories are Deja Vu, Power, and Tools. Where can I buy them? Thanks! Love your work 🙂

  2. Hello. Not sure if you’re going to see this, but giving it a try since I can’t find your e-mail. I’m looking for three of your books – I have pdfs from years ago (can’t recall where/when I got them, but they were free and I think it was your old website…I vaguely recall a lizard on the page), but I’d like to buy them in print or just pay for the digital copies. The books are Deja Vu, Power, and Tools. Where can I buy them? Thanks!

    • All of my published books are available at Smashwords directly, or Barnes & Noble, Sony, the iBookstore, or even for hardcopies. You can follow the links in this blog or search directly.

      Kristine 🙂

  3. Hello,
    I’m not entirely sure if this is the right place to do this, but I couldn’t find an email address to do it privately, if you wish to delete this then by all means do so 🙂 I’m looking for some stories (2?) with a character called Dodge? And maybe mason? I was sure you were the author, but cannot see anything resembling these stories in your currently published work. Wee you the author and is there anywhere that I can get a copy of these stories to read again, as I remember very much enjoying them.
    Thanks for any information you might have,

  4. I keep checing for the new book but don’t see it yet. Is it not out yet? Come on Kris, you have a faithful following chomping at the bit, hurry hurry!!!

  5. Hey Kristine,
    I was hoping you could let your fans know if u have finished you new book yet. I know you said by spring, but I know how things can get derailed. Hope to hear from you soon. Sue K

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