Make a Statement

Set12A This Winter, make a statement in this necklace & earring set – made with Anodized Aluminum and glass beads, this chainmaille set is done in Rondo a’la Byzantine, with matching earrings.  Get a luxury look that is far lighter than you’d expect.

Poulsbo Arts Festival

poulsbo2Come see us at the Poulsbo Arts Festival, August 16th, 17th & 18th !  The best show of the summer, right here in the Pacific Northwest, in the center of beautiful downtown Poulsbo.  Held every year on the third weekend of August, on the grass between the amazing Poulsbo marina and main street.  Come and see The Velvet Zebra in person 🙂

Byzantine in Green

Set7CThis set of Anodized Aluminum is made up in hues of greens in a Byzantine pattern, with matching earrings. Just added to the store, along with many other new sets sure to delight.

New styles

100_1784This is one of two new styles we’ve added in our Lapidary section – store inclusion pending.  This is a glass bottle filled with chips of polished stone, accented with more polished beach rocks and stone beads, along a length of copper chain.   Look for this style and more coming soon to our store, and on display at our Summer Art shows this year.

New Fiction title

En Masse

New in the eBook and Paperback store:

Captain Neal Bishop hasn’t been having very good luck.  While recovering from injuries, he had the misfortune of catching his Commander spending quality time with a superior’s wife. That landed him a rather dull rehab assignment body-guarding a group of scientists at an archeological site.

But this site wasn’t like any other. This moon had never been colonized by humans, and until a miner’s drill pierced one wall just three weeks ago, this cavern had never been exposed to air.  So how did five human skeletons come to be inside? And why did one of them match Neal’s DNA?

When the miners start dying, and the skeletons start regenerating, Neal is convinced his bad luck isn’t over yet.

Sentient life is about to be redefined.

Planting a garden

100_1762I made this necklace for my sister – green Byzantine in Anodized Aluminum, with pink flowers of Aluminum and Enameled Copper.  The possibilities in color are endless and incredibly fun to play with !

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