This castle is made entirely of Aluminum rings – 7,994 of them to be exact.  It took me a total of 40 hours to build, has a drawbridge that can be down or up, a mote, and a few bushes in the grass.  Eventually I hope to add outbuildings and a small forest beyond.  Castle3 Castle2 Castle1

New members of the family

May I introduce Sky – he’s a blue and silver dragon in Anodized and Bright Aluminum, with Anodized Aluminum scales, measuring 15 inches from nose to tip of tail.


And Ember – a flaming orange dragon in Anodized Aluminum from tip to tail. He measures 22 inches, not including his whiskers, and stands tall and proud on any flat surface.


And Pepper, a spice mix of Anodized and Bright Aluminum. Another 22 inch dragon ready to spice up your life.


Here there be dragons !

Bi-Frost now has brothers –

Meet Toast. He’s a fire-breather for sure, but sweet enough to guard your heart as well as your candy.  Made entirely of Anodized Aluminum rings and scales, Toast is ready for Valentine’s Day.

Toast the chainmaille dragon
Toast the chainmaille dragon
Ready for Valentine's Day
Ready for Valentine’s Day

And his brother, Chai-Ti, who loves long walks on the beach, chasing Seaguls, and Tea.

Chai-Ti the chainmaille dragon
Chai-Ti the chainmaille dragon



Bi Frost

I made a new friend !  His name is Bi Frost, and he’s made entirely of Anodized Aluminum.  His head, body and tail are Black Ice rings, while his scales are Frost Dragon-Etched.  He’s a great companion who can keep your gold safe from prying fingers and keep watch over all your valuables.

Bi Frost
Bi Frost

Bells are ringing!

With this gorgeous lavender Egyptian Collar in European 6-in-1 Anodized Aluminum with silver bells, just in time for some holiday fest.100_1970

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I made this necklace for my sister, to celebrate her being 4 years cancer-free after a battle with Breast Cancer.  It’s called “The Keys to Breast Cancer Survival.”    Have you had your mammogram yet?  Don’t put it off – Breast Cancer is one of the most survivable cancers there are, but the key to surviving it is early detection.  If you’re nervous, bring a friend. If you’re terrified, bring two.  It only takes a few minutes, it doesn’t hurt at all, and it’s worth all the anxiety.


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