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Customer Service Fail

So, back in December, while getting ready for our Christmas trip to New Mexico, my sister and I realized we both could do with new pairs of jeans. We didn’t […]

Breaking In the New Year

So Happy New Year to everyone . . . it’s been a smash so far! Literally. We got back from our vacation to New Mexico on Saturday evening (I didn’t […]

Angry Birds, Star Wars!

Yes, some of my friends think Angry Birds is the dumbest waste of time, too hyped, ridiculously commercialized, bla bla bla. And to them, I say “Screw You” I love […]

Tea, glorious Tea …

Another Northwest Tea Festival in the books, got stocked up for Winter – or at least Fall – with Sweet Licorice Mint, Chamomile Citrus, Earl Grey (a staple) Estate Blend […]

I’m out of Oolong!!!

I went to make Tea on Saturday and realized – I’m out of Oolong! And Darjeeling, and Russian Caravan, Nilgiri Blue, Snow Monkey Plum – – and my stock of […]


I’m not very popular around here. It’s been dancing around in the 80’s these past few weeks, only dipping down in the 40’s overnight, and I’ve been WHINING ABOUT IT! […]

Something new

Okay, so I’m trying something new here – we just finished our summer Art Festival, and I have a week off to relax, ride shotgun on the new kittens (did […]

When Apples Attack!

I love my iPad. In fact, the only tech thing I have right now that I love as much AS my iPad, is my iPhone. And that’s saying a lot, […]

Cheap Tweet

I miss Twitter sometimes. There, I said it. Yes, I deleted the App from my iPad months ago and stopped Tweeting altogether, but recently I’ve been missing it just a […]

What a dumb move

I’m one of those jerks you work with who never takes Leave, so it piles up and piles up and eventually I find myself in a Must Leave situation, where […]

News you can Use

It’s been a crazy year so far – not really in a good way, just crazy. Which is a lame way to excuse how little I’ve been blogging lately, but […]

RIP Ray Bradbury

Martian Chronicles and Farenheit 451 are some of my earliest memories of Science Fiction. So long Ray, and thanks for all the good reads.