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Breaking In the New Year

So Happy New Year to everyone . . . it’s been a smash so far! Literally. We got back from our vacation to New Mexico on Saturday evening (I didn’t […]

Angry Birds, Star Wars!

Yes, some of my friends think Angry Birds is the dumbest waste of time, too hyped, ridiculously commercialized, bla bla bla. And to them, I say “Screw You” I love […]

Tea, glorious Tea …

Another Northwest Tea Festival in the books, got stocked up for Winter – or at least Fall – with Sweet Licorice Mint, Chamomile Citrus, Earl Grey (a staple) Estate Blend […]

I’m out of Oolong!!!

I went to make Tea on Saturday and realized – I’m out of Oolong! And Darjeeling, and Russian Caravan, Nilgiri Blue, Snow Monkey Plum – – and my stock of […]


I’m not very popular around here. It’s been dancing around in the 80’s these past few weeks, only dipping down in the 40’s overnight, and I’ve been WHINING ABOUT IT! […]

Something new

Okay, so I’m trying something new here – we just finished our summer Art Festival, and I have a week off to relax, ride shotgun on the new kittens (did […]

When Apples Attack!

I love my iPad. In fact, the only tech thing I have right now that I love as much AS my iPad, is my iPhone. And that’s saying a lot, […]

Cheap Tweet

I miss Twitter sometimes. There, I said it. Yes, I deleted the App from my iPad months ago and stopped Tweeting altogether, but recently I’ve been missing it just a […]

What a dumb move

I’m one of those jerks you work with who never takes Leave, so it piles up and piles up and eventually I find myself in a Must Leave situation, where […]

News you can Use

It’s been a crazy year so far – not really in a good way, just crazy. Which is a lame way to excuse how little I’ve been blogging lately, but […]

RIP Ray Bradbury

Martian Chronicles and Farenheit 451 are some of my earliest memories of Science Fiction. So long Ray, and thanks for all the good reads.


Every now and again I look up, gaze around, and am shocked to find I’m not the only person on the planet ! I know, right? Well it’s easier to […]