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New styles

This is one of two new styles we’ve added in our Lapidary section – store inclusion pending.  This is a glass bottle filled with chips of polished stone, accented with […]
New styles

It feels weird

So last weekend we finished all (almost all) of our painting. We started with the bathroom, changing the shade of the color we already had, so we went from dark […]

Geeking out

I dunno if you use databases in your work or play – but I do. At work, I use Microsoft’s Access to create and use databases that store, sort and […]

The Snowball Effect

You know how it happens – you’re looking around your house, or your yard, or maybe even just your room or office, and you notice something that needs changing. But […]


You may be asking – The Velvet Zebra ?? Unless you didn’t even notice your browser bar isn’t showing MyMidnightMuse anymore … You’ve arrived at In the coming week(s) […]

It’s that time again!

Time for PUPPY BOWL !!! I’ve heard some say there’s also a football game or some such, but that’s on another network (and the Seahawks aren’t playing, so phoey) I […]