Who’s on first?

Who’s on first? These designs are another riff on the Japanese style, this time a traditional 6-in-2, where every 2 rings have 6 rings going through them.   For fun, we took what would have been a small Japanese Flower design and changed the center ring from 3/16″ to 3/4″ and 1/2″, then attached 3/16″ rings using 1/8″ rings.   When we went all the way around the larger rings and connected them, we added some 20 gauge 1/8″ for a little draping and finished them with simple 4-in-2 to make a chain. When all was said and done, we realized they looked like an owl’s face. From there it was just a matter of using the same idea and getting goofy with it. All of these are done in Anodized Aluminum and finished with magnetic clasps.   They are all now available in the shop: https://squareup.com/store/the-velvet-zebra.

We’re all mad here

We call this design Totally Loopy – it’s really just sections of Byzantine made with 18 gauge 3/16″ anodized aluminum rings between larger sizes of 16 gauge rings. They are all now available in the shop   https//squareup.com/store/the-velvet-zebra

Free Bird!

We call this design Freestyle, but technically it’s patterned after a Japanese maille called 12-in-2, where every two rings have another 12 rings going through them. We took that idea and played with ring sizes and numbers so that you have a pair of 16-gauge 5/16″ rings (some round, some square) with 18-gauge 1/8″ rings attaching them. These necklaces are made entirely of Anodized Aluminum, and we played with the pattern and colors to create an off-center, non-symetrical look with each one. They are all now available in the store at https://squareup.com/store/the-velvet-zebra

You gotta have Heart!

 Four new pieces from our inventory – varoius hearts made with Anodized Aluminum (blues) or Enameled Copper (lime and purples) in fun, funky patterns. Now available in the shop: https://squareup.com/store/the-velvet-zebra


The Poulsbo Art Show was amazing as usual, but our space is so limited, we are only able to display a quarter of our inventory, which means we have to guess what people are going to want to see. So in an effort to show you everything we make, we will be posting a few items every week. These items are available for purchase at our new online store at https://squareup.com/store/the-velvet-zebra. This week, a few designs we call Date Night, in Lime Green enameled copper, Blue anodized aluminum, Black anodized aluminum and Frost anodized aluminum with purple enameled copper. We hope you like them.

Here there be dragons!

Happy Birthday America! What else happens in July this year? Game of Thrones returns! The Velvet Zebra may not be the Mother of Dragons, but we do enjoy adding to the brood. This little charmer is the biggest of the bunch, made with Anodized Aluminum using a traditional Japanese 8-in-2 pattern for the head and body, and a full Persian tail.


You’re looking at 15,000 rings of 16ga Anodized Aluminum, 5/16th in size. It “might” be enough to make a Hauberk, or Chainmaille shirt. The Velvet Zebra found a willing volunteer to wear our very first piece of maille clothing – an incredibly talented artist. Hopefully when we have it finished for him, he will still feel that way! Stay tuned for progress reports.

Under The Sea

This inlay is was done entirely out of 19,471 rings of 3/16″ 18ga Anodized Aluminum and measures 21″ x 24″. I’d like to say how long it took, but I kept putting it aside to do other things whenever I would run out of a color, so I lost track of how long it was taking.


Scottish Festival

The Velvet Zebra will be at the Scottish Festival in Prosser WA on June 18th.  Come see us, and more men in kilts, in the heart of Washington wine country.

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