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Friday Chapter #1

My Friday Thing. Chapter 1, disclaimer: Okay, just so we’re clear, this story is being posted a chapter at a time every Friday – this novel is being put here […]

Castle Debacle is here!

By the prickling of my thumbs, Castle Debacle hast this way come! Err, well – it’s here. And my Friday Thing is coming. It’s coming! Get off my back!!  *ahem* […]

My Big Friday “Thing”

Not to be confused with “the Friday thing”. Here’s where I make excuses for what’s going to happen every Friday on this bloggie here, so all my peeps won’t judge […]


Have I mentioned how I can obsess? I can obsess. Over the stupidest things, like how this blog looks.  One template is wider, but has no banner. Another has space […]

It occurs to me

That I haven’t really written a regular type post in this new blog. Other than the quickie about George, my new pen. All these little ditties I’ve been *ahem* singing […]

The Day After

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving – even you, Cath, you crazy foriegner you! 😀  It was a day to look back at our lives and give thanks […]