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Friday chapter

Well, here’s chapter 9. The only thing I have to say today is – I didn’t read over this. I can’t let myself look at it, lest my retinas burn […]

the odd side of normal

My New Year’s Eve was spent at my Mother’s house, playing cards and having dinner. My oldest sister has a massive party at her house – but my other sister […]

The downside of up

So I was taking down my Christmas lights today, freezing my fingers and toes and asking myself WHY on Earth I felt compelled to put them up in the first […]

Another friday chapter

Okay, the disclaimer this week is the fact that I didn’t read over this one before putting it up here – it’s too embarassing. Yes yes, ten years ago – […]


I haz one. So for Christmas Eve, I got not one, but two rejections in the mail. One was form – the usual. But one was from an agent who […]

a festivus miracle!

Okay, for Festivus, you get two – yes, 2 – chapters. It’s getting more and more embarassing. This has a return of Emo Kid Syndrome, and all manner of smarmy […]

the penman shipwreck

For any of you living in a cave, or who have been ignoring much of what I say on my blog, here’s a little reminder. The First Evah Penman Shipwreck […]

Hump-day Chapter, eh?

Well, I posted my intelligent (or not) post at Castle Debacle  so I figured I’d post Chapter 5 here today.  The disclaimer dejoir would be to watch out for falling em […]

5 weird things

Five weird facts – since Ed tagged Pete and Carrie, and Pete tagged Lori and I, here you go: 1) I was born on April Fools Day, was an “accident” and my […]

Melodrama, I haz it.

Writing a novel, then editing, polishing, editing some more: 3-6 months. Writing a query letter good enough to catch an agent’s eye: 2-4 weeks. Researching agents that are legitimate, accepting […]

she blinded me, with science!

Writing Science Fiction requires a knowledge of bolognium, a word author Larry Niven invented to explain inventions SF authors come up with that don’t or can’t exist. Warp Drives and […]

Two-fer Tuesday

In order to keep you guessing, and so this won’t take until April 24th since that’s really kind of ridiculous, I’m posting Chapter 3 of: When the Stars Walk Backwards. […]

He said, She said.

Dialog tags (or dialogue tags if you prefer, I don’t) are considered invisible – that is, if they’re not overused or abused or made to appear ridiculous. And by that I mean, […]

Friday Project Chapter 2

I’ve decided not to trunicate the chapter this time – it’s when you click to Read More that you get the squished margins, thanks to this template, and I love […]