This started out as a Hauberk we called Winter Soldier, but the patter was too big, and too beautiful to shrink, so it became a Viking women’s dress – thatywhen Valkyrie was born. Complete with headdress, fringed hand “flowers” and a necklace, all she needs it furred leggings, some fresh snow, and a model with a better body than poor Betty here.

Winter Is Here!

We can NOT get over this look! This is DragonHeart, finally modeled by its owner #aeonjane of #studiofrontstreet. As a professional photographer, it takes a little time to get the chance to step in front of the camera, but when you are this talented and beautiful, it’s worth waiting for. This was the first patterned shirt we ever made, and the drama of it shines in these photos. Right before the photo shoot, she asked us for a diadem, for a more royal look, and doesn’t she look incredible? We take credit only for the chainmaille – the photography, poses, EVERYTHING about these pictures is all thanks to Jane, #studiofrontstreet ! Incredible

Dragon Heart

Have you seen it modeled? This is the hauberk we call Dragon Heart, made earlier this year and modeled here by a beautiful cosplay model. The shirt’s owner is the photographer, so we hope to get shots of HER wearing it soon, but in the meantime these photos are too gorgeous not to share.

Rebelle Waters

Named for the new owner, this is our favorite Hauberk to date. 8 weeks, 16,885 rings of 1/4″ 16 gauge anodized aluminum, 500 rings of 5/32″ 18 gauge, 80 large scales, 20 smaller scales, and a whole lot of obsessive “just a few more rows!”

I can’t wait to see what we do next.


By the Pricking of my Thumbs,

Something Wicked this way comes.

The Velvet Zebra are a pair,

So follow along, if you dare.

While one a Mermaid scene creates,

The other is free to Eviscerate!

In Red and Black, and some pretty Orange too,

We prepare our annual BOO!

So Raise the Dead, have a Party.

Go see Venom, starring Tom Hardy.

Then get Fired Up, feed your Inner Diva,

And shop Halloween

At The Velvet Zebra.

Medieval Stress Balls

We have it on good authority that Sir Galahad suffered from a bit of ADD. Of course, back then they didn’t know what Attention Deficit Disorder was. In those Dark Ages you were considered “special” or “touched.”

Or “dead” if you couldn’t keep your mind on the joust.

Recently, archeologists discovered these little gems, entombed alongside several Knights of the Order. In one or two instances, they had to pry these balls from their cold, dead, skeletal fingers, leading researchers to suggest a new theory as to the personal struggles these noble fighting men faced.

Here at The Velvet Zebra, we’ve managed to re-create these Medieval Stress Balls and have made them available for use by Knight and Commoner alike. Feeling stressed in the checkout line? Pull one of these out of your pocket and let your fingers work out that anxiety. Boss got you upset? Hold a couple of these in your hand during that meeting and let your thoughts roam from the battlefield to the board room, and back again.

Medieval Stress Balls come in many colors, Round or Square, and are now available in the Store ( or soon directly from this website. Round: $4.00/each or 3 for $10.00. Square $8.50/each or 2 for $15.00.

Don’t be dead, play with some Medieval Stress Balls today.

Check out all the colors in the online Store.The Velvet Zebra

Poulsbo Art Festival

We are prepped and ready for the Poulsbo Art Festival this year. Stop by and see our inventory, say hello, and maybe try on our newset Hauberk!

Art Show Season

We had a great time in Kingston this past weekend – your next chance to see all of our products is coming up August 17, 18, and 19 at the Poulsbo Art Show.

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