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just the facts, ma’am

As a writer, it’s my responsibility to make sure the things I mention are factual – yes, even in fiction.  And by that I mean, should I decide to write […]

Coming Soon

To the Interwebbies near you . . . One of my most beloved, yet eternally Unpublished novels – Keeper – will soon be available in paperback.   And, if sales are […]
Coming Soon

The times, they are a’changin’

There’s something new in the works.  Something that should quiet the Voices inside me, satisfy the Writer that I am, and hopefully bring entertainment for those who come here, and […]

it’s dark in here

So, I’ve started the next novel, Anomaly, and I’m pleased with the progress early on.  I have this novel all planned out, as usual, but I always leave room for […]

when research pays

So, y’all remember not too long ago when I thought someone might have messed with my ID, tossled my credit report hither and yon, and I wound up doing weeks […]

i can haz breakdown now?

Well, not really, it’s hardly worth that – but doesn’t it kill you when one little issue in your daily life can so fully absorb you brain you become a […]

like nothing else

Writing a novel – reaching through an entire, full length piece of work right up to the end – is a feeling like none other you can imagine. Or not. I’ve […]

pet my peeves

Yes, I have a pet peeve today.  It’s people who ASSUME.  Yeah, we all know what you do when you assume, so I won’t repeat it here. But another thing […]

the romans are coming!

I mean, they’re already here. And I’m going to see them. Tomorrow, as a birthday treat, my sister is taking me to the Seattle Art Museum to see the Roman […]

mr. innappropriate

I love baseball.  Seattle Mariners baseball, to be specific. Sure, they haven’t exactly made it to the world series or anything, but heck, it’s baseball. I love football, too, but […]