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feel the burn!

I’ve discovered something about myself — When pushed, or rather “egged on” – I’m capable of writing 5,000 words a day. No kidding. I’ve been averaging somewhere between 4,000 and […]

whoa, dude, srsly?

Have you ever been so wrapped up in some project or other and then suddenly look up and realized just how much time had passed without you so much as […]

tuff enuff

While I’m sitting here, eating lunch, contemplating an interesting revelation, Tuff Enuff comes on the radio and it dawns on me what the issue is. Lemme ‘splain.  I’ve been writing […]

I don’t do summer

As much as I enjoy being outdoors — and I do, very much so — as much as I love my big yard, all the flowers, the chance to be […]

what does it want from me?!

Ever wish you could be a fly on the wall? Well I have one.  It’s sitting on my cubicle wall, just sitting there, staring at me.  I know it’s not […]

The Bad Genie

Over at Trunk Novels there’s a new author being featured this month – Mary Butler – who has written a wonderful Young Adult novel called The Bad Genie.  If you […]

the definition of irony:

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been scoffing at all the news reports claiming “The price of gas is nearing $4.00 a gallon!”  mostly because I’d already been paying well […]

a little friday fiction

I haven’t done this in a while – and since I did remember to apply underarm deoderant this morning, I’m feeling generous 🙂 Here’s a snippet of my novel Keeper, […]

did she, or didn’t she?

Ever have one of those days – the kind where you can’t remember if you did something or not? I’m sitting here wondering if I remembered to put on deoderant […]

a remapping we will go

So it’s been quiet here for a few days mostly because 1) I’ve been busy, and 2) I’ve been REALLY REALLY BUSY! Computers are such a love/hate issue. Last week, […]

3rd time’s the charm

So, another 3-day weekend, another chance to PAINT MY BEDROOM!! That’s right, folks.  First I painted it way too dark brown, turning my little 10×10 room into the batcave. So […]