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guess what

No, seriously, Guess. Come on … at least TRY to guess. I’ll give you a clue: You GUESSED !  Good for you!  That’s right, Pete Tzinski is writing again. […]

Just a step to the left

So I’ve been giving this time travel/parallel worlds issue some more think – if you recall, I went on at length a while ago about how traveling back in time […]

The Who

No, not the band – although I’ve always been a huge fan, myself.  I mean the questions you ask as a writer, of yourself, of your characters, of your novel.  […]

the blank page

It’s a writer’s nemisis, the blank page. Be it a solid sheet of white hanging out of a typewriter’s innards, or 19″ of pure blank screen staring back, with a […]

Black or White?

I was watching television the other day and a commercial came on for some new game, I didn’t catch the name, and it seemed aimed toward the little tikes – […]


I’ve often lamented my lack of artistic skills when it comes to the visual.  While I have great “ideas”, I lack the physical talent to pull them off.  Never before […]

dammit, jim!

I hate when this happens – I am mere chapters away from The End in my current novel, slowing down a bit because I start to feel funny around this […]

are all writers bipolar?

Yesterday I was flying high – enjoying discussions about the future of Trunk Novels, brainstorming ideas for marketing and sponsorships that would bring in much needed revenue to promote and […]

World crashing down around you?

The state of the economy got you down? Have your stocks plummeted?  Is your savings worthless?  Were you fool enough to think you could charge your way through life, and […]

here’s a thought

Why don’t they just kill John Conner? Okay, I’m not a fan – I don’t watch the show – but last night I was too busy to do anything about […]


I saw on the Nightly news the other day how people are finding ways to “walk away” from one house while buying a new one. It’s called Buy and Bail, […]

don’t you hate it when

You hear one of your cats making play-noises in the kitchen, then a little while later you happen to go into the kitchen and find said cat sitting and staring […]