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DRM in a couch cushion

For my fine ferreted friend Ed who was wondering what, exactly, is DRM – I figured a quick explanation might be in order. DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, but it […]

totally smashed!

So this week, just a couple of days ago, I signed up with Smashwords and published In The Time Of Dying through them as a cross-platform eBook, completely DRM-free, and […]

Power to the people

Aka: My final decision on ISBN’s So this weekend, in case you didn’t realize, I’ve published my newest novel In The Time Of Dying. I went the usual Lulu route, […]

new release!

Earth was used up, and humanity had a choice – leave, or perish. And so they left, in great ships full of colonists and scientists, with soldiers to protect them […]
new release!

a scary story

It was Spring, 2009, and my body was beginning to do things I didn’t much care for, but like most of us tend to do, I chose to ignore it […]

smash it up

So this morning, as I was doing my morning routine ‘net wanders to check up on news and happenings around the interwebbies, I found myself once again directed over to […]


Contrary to that movie line, Greed is NOT good. We’ve all seen what greed has done to our nation – and our jobs, bank accounts and retirement funds – Greed […]

ad-lib, week 1

Okay, so it hasn’t quite been a full week yet since I started my foray into advertising, but I have some interesting results to report on. I got my first […]

Exposing myself

Minds outta the gutters, people! I mean Advertising. I’m taking the plunge, and putting up some Ads for the Midnight Reading site this week, and taking yet another of the […]

money for nothin’

I came across a website last week that had yet another un-known, un-proven writer with pie-in-the-sky ideas of making his or her fortune with a subscription-based online novel. This happens […]

a different kind of art

Sorry about the lack of updates this week, I’ve been hard at work getting ready for this weekend’s Art Festival, but next week I’ll be back with more thoughts and […]

hog the covers

So you’ve written your novel, and picked POD as your method of publication. You’ve got your book all nicely edited and formatted in whatever size/shape you’ve picked – be it […]