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i shitz you not!

If you’ve been living under a rock these past years, you probably still believe the only way for a writer to “make it” in the world of books and publishing […]

brief interlude

A foodie, I am not.  I have a niece who is so adventurous, she’ll try anything at least once, no matter how disgusting it might sound, but me – well, […]

Oh Joyous day!

Well, joyous few-days-ago, anyway. Today I have a headache, a carry over from yesterday’s attorney/lawsuit – overstimulation. But a few days ago, I got my laptop back from “those repair […]

news you can use

I got a good chuckle this morning when the phone rang here at work, and I answered in my usual fashion, and all I heard was heavy breathing. Not the […]

oopsies, part duex

I found a repair shop that claims they can not only repair my computer, but also save all of my data 🙂   For a modest price, anywhere between $75 – […]


Those of you who’ve known me a while — and maybe I’ve mentioned this before — will remember an issue I had once with a desktop PC – where I […]

sacred cow pies

One of my pet peeves among the writing world are those writers who like to think (or make you think) that writing is some sort of ethereal experience wherein the […]

i’ve been to the mountain

The first time cancer ever came near my life was several years ago, when a dear childhood friend of mine lost her husband to a strange, rare cancer. A few […]

take that, 2009!

Did I mention my sister GOT A JOB?! Yep, sure ’nuff. Wasn’t even advertised. She found it through that old fashioned networking system people go on about, where a friend […]

merry christmas

I figure, what the hell – now you can buy When The Stars Walk Backwards as an eBook. Just keep in mind it’s old, written back in 1998 – and […]

more i$bn information

If you’ve been paying attention, you’re aware that in order for an Indie Author to own his or her ISBN, they have to be purchased directly, in batches of 10, […]