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The Best Laid Plans

I had them, for this past weekend. The plan was to sleep in, then go to the flooring store where we purchased our wood flooring for the living room/dining room […]

The Annoying bit

I’ve been trying to come up with the back cover blurb/teaser/copy for the new novel coming out for evah! This one just wasn’t coming to me. Most of them are […]

Not for the faint of wrist

I’m three chapters in to my newest novel, completely hand written. My wrist is killing me, my fingers are sore, but you know what? I’m okay with it. Honestly, my […]

There will be Rum

The sun’s out today ! Like it was yesterday, and is going to be tomorrow and Sunday. Glorious blue skies and sunshine! Okay, so it is Spring, but around here […]


Well, I did it !  I manage the walk, even came across the finish line ahead of the majority – not that it was a race or anything, of course. […]


So this Sunday, Mother’s Day May 9th, is my cancer walk – raising money for Walk to Empower, which benefits women diagnosed with breast cancer, offering them assistance, guidance, and […]

Take my advice

I see writing advice all over the web now, from so many different sources. People flock to writing forums, desperate to uncover the secrets. Those who aren’t there in the […]

Luddites Unite!

Okay, so I’m not technically a dyed-in-the-wool Luddite, since clearly you’re reading this note on a blog, on the interwebs, and not scratched into a cave wall with a stone. […]


Hold on to your butts, I’m dusting and cleaning in here, so things might look a little odd for a couple of days. Then we’ll return you to your regular […]

the status of the apparatus

Aka: Wazzup? So lots of stuff’s been happenin’ lately, some of which I’ll mention, some of which will have to wait. On the heels of Smashwords’ announcement of a new […]

sometimes less is fewer

I’m not perfect (gasp) when it comes to proper grammar usage, few of us are.  But as a writer who invites the public to read her words, I strive to […]

for love or money?

My current work in progress is a novel called The Legend of Darkness and Light. It’s a good old fashioned, balls-to-the-wall, no-deep-message-here adventure story. Kind of a tribute to guilty […]