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What IS that look?

I just survived the annual Art Show, where I spent three days in the sun between a lovely little tourist town and a beautiful marina, selling lapidary art work alongside […]

I give them a P for Persistence

Persistent – adj – continuing, esp. in the face of opposition, etc. See also: Black Death, Hemorrhoids, Dell computers. You may recall about a year ago, I purchased a Dell […]

Slip-Slidin’ away

Silk sheets are one of those things I’ve always wanted to try, but never had. Until this last weekend. My sister and I had gone out to dinner Friday, celebrating […]

Another World

This time of year, I get a little distracted from writing. It’s August, and the third weekend of every August is the annual Poulsbo Arts Festival, where my sister and […]

Shit MY dad said

Not to be confused with the now-famous blogger’s dad, my own father had his own words of wisdom, most of which can’t really be repeated. But one thing he always […]


Anyone else having issues with POD service LuLu?  I think they’re going tits up right before my eyes – and it’s impossible to reach anyone there for help. They go […]

On account of the Boobies

I hate heat waves. Granted, I’m not on the East Coast, and I’m sure as hell not in Arizona, but we’re having our own little heat wave up here. Yesterday […]

Summer Sale !

Throughout the month of July, there’s a huge Summer Sale at Smashwords, where you’ll find my eBooks (with the exception of Ether) on sale for 50% off the original price! […]

This, That ‘n the Other

I just saw a Youtube video of several mothers letting their children play on the beach covered in tar balls. But it was “okay” because they brought some Goo Gone, […]


I’ve always considered the kitchen to be my sister’s room, not because she does most of the cooking, although she does, but mostly because I’ve never really cared what the […]

One thing leads to another

So the other weekend, after the one interrupted by the flu, my sister and I headed over to our favorite flooring store to see if they had the same wood […]

I must be getting old

Because I just don’t get it. I’m sitting in my livingroom, inside my house, reading a book while my sister is watching television, or maybe we’re both on the computers […]

Strike a pose

I’ve been told I hold a pen in a very angry manner. Maybe that’s true, although I don’t see how it’s all that different than others. Sure, there are other […]
Strike a pose