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Diary of Madness Day 4

Still no phone call. Mostly we’ve written them off, but we want to believe there’s still hope. I’m on vacation now through Thanksgiving, so we’re determined to enjoy ourselves, even […]

Diary of Madness

If you’ve been around here a while, or know me in any way, you’ll recall that I live with my sister. We’ve been roomies for a long while now, and […]

Hello darkness, my old friend

Every weekday morning, I’m up at 5:30, and leaving the house for work around 6:10 or so. Now that we’ve fallen back for daylight savings – or the end of […]

Early Holiday Cheer

It’s that time of year again – the first of the Holiday Art Fairs.  For the next two days, I’ll be sitting in a room full of artists, people-watching (one […]

It’s really the shit

Last month, my sister and I went together and — without selling either of our cars — bought a used SUV.  It was really affordable, seeing as how we were […]

Tea, tea tea tea tea

So last weekend, I attended my first Northwest Tea Festival, a yearly tea convention/festival that has now become my favorite annual event. My only regret is that this was the […]

My Peeps and Peepettes

Don’t miss out on the September sale!  Visit and pick up my eBook In The Time of Dying for free! That’s right, FREE, but only until Midnight September 30th.  […]

Damned inconvenient

So my week/weekend was spent productively – had every window in my house replaced, had the space between my garage and fence cleared, leveled and graveled over to create a […]

What did the instructions say?

Do you read ‘em? Those instructions, or owner’s manuals that come with things you’ve bought or been given? Do you open up a box on Christmas and then, when all […]

I love Fall!

How much do I love Fall? I love Fall SO much, I’m going to celebrate by giving you one month to download my eBook In The Time Of Dying, for […]

Tea part Two

My new teas arrived from Numi on Monday, waiting patiently for me on my front porch when I got home. I had to bribe my sister to step outside and […]

Tea Time

Oh Glorious grey skies, chilly air and dew-swept hair! Well I’ll stop there. I haven’t written poetry in ages, but the tides of summer have swept aside today, ushering in […]